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    June 2018

    Various Applications of PP Non-Woven Fabric

    Non woven fabrics are neither woven nor knitted. They are manufactured from short staple fibres and long fibres. Some non woven fabrics are furnished with added on strength by a backing or through densification. Polyurethane foam has been effectively replaced with non woven materials in the recent years.

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    June 2018

    Major Uses of Apheresis Equipment

    Apheresis may refer to a sort of technology in the field of medicine where in the blood of a person is passed through an apparatus that segregates one specific component and returns the rest to the circulation.

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    June 2018

    Uses and Importance of Automotive Air Filters

    An air filter may refer to a type of device employed to eliminate undesirable particles like mould, dust, bacteria, and pollen from the air. Some filters can also eliminate bad odor. These devices contain fibrous materials that aid in the absorption of unnecessary particulates.

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    June 2018

    What is Levulinic Acid?

    4-oxopentanoic acid is procured from the disintegration of cellulose and has been employed as a very popular precursor for various bio fuels. These compounds are white in color and are easily soluble in polar organic solvents and water.

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    June 2018

    All about Textile Chemicals

    Chemicals of different characteristics are required for performing various processing operations in textile industries. Textile industry is a rapidly growing sector with new innovative techniques incepting in the market on a regular basis. Hence, the demand for replacing the chemicals employed is quite usual.

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    June 2018

    All about Enzymes

    Enzymes are protein substances generated by any biological body to perform various operations within the body. They are often cultivated artificially so as to fulfill various commercial purposes. They are widely employed in industrial and medicinal applications.

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    June 2018

    Benefits of Fish Oil

    Fish oil, a derivative procured from the fatty tissues of oily fishes is widely known for its salubrious benefits. They consist of various types of oils that are prevalently used in the treatment of various conditions.

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    June 2018

    Emergence of Autoimmune Disease Diagnostics

    An autoimmune disease is a condition wherein your immune system behaves abnormally and attacks your own body. The immune response that inflicts some sort of abnormal state to a normal body part is the consequence after the onset of an autoimmune disease.

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    June 2018

    What is Galacto-oligosaccharide (GOS)?

    Galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) fall under the category of prebiotics. They stimulate the action of beneficial bacteria in the colon. However, prebiotics are non-digestible food items. They are manufactured commercially and are preferably used by both adults and infants.

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    June 2018

    Increasing usage of Fumaric Acid

    Fumaric acid is popularly known for its usage in the treatment of psoriasis and in the manufacturing of baking powder and beverages. They are also employed in the making of pudding mixes, as coagulants. Fumaric acid chemically is one of the two isomeric unsaturated dicarboxylic acids.