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    July 2018

    Importance of Pharmacovigilance

    Pharmacovigilance is the process of collecting, detecting, assessing, monitoring and deterring drugs of detrimental effects. It is also referred to as drug safety. The data necessary for assessments are collected from various sources procured from patients and health care providers and medical literature.

  • 03

    July 2018

    What is Insulation?

    Insulation refers to the process of preventing a certain form of energy from spreading all over a specific surface. It could also imply the segregation of two different bodies to prevent the flow of energy. For instance, the isolation of a certain material from non conductors to effectively deter the transfer of heat, electricity or sound is a form of insulation.

  • 02

    July 2018

    All about Aqua feed and Aquaculture Additives

    Aquaculture or aquiculture is nothing but the cultivation of aquatic animals in a secure environment. The commonly cultivated organisms encompass crustaceans, algae, fishes, aquatic plants, mollusks, and other essential aquatic organisms. It is crucial to perform aquaculture to sustain the environmental balance and subsequently preserve these aquatic organisms.

  • 29

    June 2018

    Application of Isostearic Acid

    Stearic acid is a commonly found saturated fatty acid immediately following the prevalent presence of palmitic acid. The salt and ester derivatives of stearic acid compounds are known as stearates.

  • 28

    June 2018

    What is Polyurea?

    Polyurea is manufactured by step-growth polymerization process and possesses two amine groups joined by a carbonyl functional group. The urea linkages are formed by the reaction of water and isocyanates that forms the intermediate compound of carbamic acid.

  • 27

    June 2018

    What are Emulsion Polymers used for?

    Emulsion polymers are procured through the process of emulsion polymerization, which is a kind of radical polymerization. Emulsion polymerization imposes various advantages. They furnish polymers that are high in their molecular weight.

  • 26

    June 2018

    Type and Applications of Automated Test Equipment (ATE)

    Automated test equipment or automatic test equipment is a device, which performs test on another device known under various pseudonyms including unit under test (UUT), device under test (DUT), and equipment under test (EUT).

  • 25

    June 2018

    Rising usage of Fermentation Chemicals

    Various industrial processes employ fermentation chemical to speed up the rate of reactions taking place there. They are superior in terms of cost efficiency, significant outputs, and natural structure.

  • 22

    June 2018

    Importance of Animal feed Organics

    Animal feed is nothing but the food provided to animals in the routine course of animal husbandry. There are two categories in animal feed. This encompasses forage and fodder. The term feed often refers to fodder.

  • 21

    June 2018

    Benefits of Salicylic acid

    Salicylic acid refers to a variety of phenolic acid procured from natural sources like willow trees or from artificial sources like carbolic acid. There are various applications implicating the usage of this lipophilic monohydroxybenzoic acid. Salicylic acids are serving as the crucial metabolites in the production of acetyl salicylic acid (aspirin).