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    February 2019

    Bio-based Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

    Bio-based PET when looked at the application level has been primarily used for packing carbonated soft drinks (CSD also known as aerated drinks) and alcoholic beverages including wine and beer.

  • 08

    January 2019

    Biomimetic is the utilization and execution of ideas and standards from nature

    Biomimetic, otherwise called bionics, biognosis, or biomimicry, is the utilization and execution of ideas and standards from nature to making new materials, gadgets and frameworks. This adjustment of techniques and frameworks found in nature into engineered builds is attractive on the grounds that developmental weight commonly powers regular frameworks to wind up very streamlined and proficient.

  • 17

    December 2018

    Types of Flooring

    Flooring generally refers to the finishing given to any floor surface to enhance the quality of walking through regulation of friction and other such factors.

  • 23

    November 2018

    Production and Application of Glycerol

    Glycerol refers to a polyol compound that has been extensively used in food and pharmaceutical industries. They are prevalently found in all triglycerides.

  • 15

    November 2018

    Variants and Uses of Polyethylene glycol

    Polyethylene glycol is a compound with rampant industrial applications and medicinal applications. They are polyether compounds that are also known as polyoxyethylene (POE) or polyethylene oxide (PEO) on the basis of their molecular weight.

  • 09

    November 2018

    Types and Uses of Pleated Filters

    Air filter is necessary to eliminate the presence of solid particulates such as mould, dust, bacteria, and pollen in air. Hence, they are known as particulate air filters. Typical air filters are composed of fibrous materials in order to remove the presence of solid particulates. Air filters commonly employ pleated paper filters.

  • 31

    October 2018

    Precision Medicine - A Model That Encourages Customization In The Healthcare Sector

    Precision medicine refers to a medical model which demands the customization and personalization of the health care sector and facilities. This model believes that there should be a change in the treatments, medical decisions, medical opinions or medical products according to the need of an individual patient.

  • 29

    October 2018

    Pharmacy Automation Makes The Pharmacy More Reliable And Sustainable

    Pharmacy automation is the process of automating or involving mechanical ways of managing and distributing medicines rather than the manual traditional way.

  • 26

    October 2018

    Significance of Pharmacovigilance

    Pharmacovigilance is the process of collecting, detecting, assessing, monitoring and deterring drugs of detrimental effects. It is also referred to as drug safety.

  • 24

    October 2018

    40 percent of the patients who have found their way out of cancer received radiation oncology

    Radiation oncology sometimes referred as radiation therapy and radio therapy is a new medical technology that makes use of radiations in a controlled manner to treat or decrease pain and suffering for the cancer patients.