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Wireless Brain Sensors – An Emerging Technology

Published Date : August 17, 2017

Wireless Brain Sensors also known as has grown drastically in recent years and is an emerging technology. Wireless brain sensors provide a channel for communication to people who make the use of it. It is used to measure neurophysiological signals of the brain, electroencephalogram in specific. Wireless brain sensors are used to monitor temperature and intracranial pressure. While an operation is being performed, wireless brain sensors can be used to reduce the pressure on the brain. Diagnosis and detection of sleep and brain disorders, tumors and dyslexia can be done by the wireless brain sensor in the medical sector. People who have suffered from stroke, the wireless brain sensor can be useful in restoration and rehabilitation of these patients.

The wireless brain sensors can also be used to detect diseases like epilepsy, Huntington's disease and Parkinson’s disease. Observing the motor fluctuations will assist to manage the condition of the patient dealing with Parkinson’s disease. The motor impairment can be measure by making the use of wireless brain sensors for people who have Huntington's disease which can be accomplished by the wireless brain sensor gathering equitable information about the motor symptoms of the patient. As there have been advancements in the brain interface technology, there have also been enhancements in the wireless brain sensors.

There has been an instance in the year of 2016 wherein researchers placed a wireless brain sensing device inside of the brain of a paralyzed monkey. With the assistance of the device reestablished the movement of the monkey helping him to walk again. With the help of electroencephalography, the electrical action of the brain can be monitored in wireless brain sensors. These sensors can be useful for people who have suffered traumatic injury in the brain and also be used to monitor neuronal activities and physiological properties of the brain post traumatic injury. Large amount of information of the brain is constantly and wirelessly streamed by the wireless brain sensors.

Increase in the prevalence of neurological disorders, Alzheimer’s and epilepsy has influenced the wireless brain sensors market. According to the World Health Organization, more than 5 million people in the United Sates have Alzheimer’s disease. The wireless brain sensors are proven to make the research of neuroscience lot more convenient as it serves the ability to enable various kinds of experiments of neuroscience with large amount data constantly and wirelessly processed by the micro-circuits of the brain. These sensors are constructed to allow research of neuroscience that cannot be achieved with present sensors that require cables.

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