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What is the Need of the hybrid power system ? It is Beneficial for the future?

Published Date : January 09, 2020

The hybrid power system is a combination of different progressions for producing energy. It incorporates economically sustainable sources of energy in blend with subordinate sources, for instance, diesel or fuel cell. Sources of petroleum product based energy create carbon emanations, which therefore unfavorably impact nature and human health. The higher danger of flooding, rising temperature and heat waves are few effects of extending carbon transmissions and other greenhouse gasses. Examples of power makers utilized as a part of hybrid wind turbines, photovoltaic’s, and different sorts of Engine-generators - e.g. diesel gen-sets


Expanding competition in this market is due to the wide choice of energy management solution, usual investments in innovative activities and manufacturers modifying their offerings to provide into account advancing customer needs. Sun-powered diesel incorporates an impetus for the consumer as it gives stable energy core and there is constant accessibility of energy. The wind-diesel structure produces energy by using the diesel generator and wind turbine. The system diminishes fuel use and working costs. Solar-wind diesel system isn't harmful in nature and ideal for degrees where the breeze speed is around 5 to 6m/s. Together sustainable power sources supplement each other, i.e., during the day time, solar energy is useful for charging batteries, while the wind is used to convey vitality amid monsoon. The Asia Pacific market escalating as for products at an extensive rate because of rising awareness related to harming the natural impacts of diesel-based power generators. Additionally, an inadequate measure of grid-related foundation required for customary power generation products is foreseen to be the prime market developing driver in this area.

Based on type the Hybrid Power Solutions market is segmented into solar-wind-diesel, wind-diesel, solar-diesel, and several others. These systems are connected and operate concerning kW power ratings which are up to 10kW, 11kW to 100kW and above 100kW. Based on application the market is segmented into telecommunication, residential and commercial. The leading players in the market are Siemens AG, Danvest Energy A/S, Alpha Power Solutions, ZTE Corporation, and SMA Solar Technology AG. Geographically, the market is segmented into Asia Pacific, North America, Europe and the Rest of the world.