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What is Home Healthcare?

Published Date : June 15, 2017


Home healthcare includes a wide variety of health care services that could be provided to a patient suffering from an injury or a disease at his home. It is preferred over usual medical care because it is generally less expensive and more convenient than the usual medical care. It can be provided by a health plan or supplement insurance. Sometimes the doctor can refer a patient to a home health care agency. An agent generally comes to the patient’s house and asks questions about his/her health and in due time they give the doctor constant updates about the patient’s health.

The main responsibilities of home health care staff are:

•    Checking the diet of the patient.
•    Monitor the blood pressure, heart rate, glucose levels, temperature, etc.
•    Observe whether the patient is taking the doctor’s prescription correctly or not.
•    Check the patient’s safety.
•    Check for any signs of discomfort or pain.
•    Update the doctor regularly about the patient’s health condition.

Market for Home Healthcare

Due to market drivingfactors such as increase in the volume of geriatric population worldwide, rising cases of heart diseases, government initiatives, increasing medical healthcare costs at the hospitals and advancements in technology the global market demand for the home healthcare is rising rapidly. The global home healthcare market was evaluated at USD 227.5 Billion in 2015 and is expected to reach USD 349.8 Billion by 2020, growing at a 9.0% for the next 5 years. The only factors which can impede this global market are constrained insurance coverage and the safety of the patient.

Currently North America is dominating the market with the largest share in demand and expenditure on home healthcare market but the Asian region is developing the fastest growing market due to factors such as inclusion of innovative techniques, higher income, increasing awareness, and thegrowing need for healthcare delivery systems.

Who needs Home Healthcare?

Mostly it is used for people above the age of 70 but it could be used for anyone those above 70 or newborn babies.

•    Those who have been recently discharged from the hospital: They are provided reminders to take their medicine as prescribed from the doctor.

•    Those who have terminal illness: Can be provided companionship services like outings, conversation, book reading, recreational activities, etc.

•    Those with short term health needs: Any personal help or hands on assistance.

•    Those who remain at home because of a disability or being very aged: All activities of daily living and personal services like feeding, bathing, dressing,toileting, etc. to  those who are unable to do so.


Long term insurance companies can pay for the home healthcare nut is generally paid by the family members or the patient themselves. Home healthcare is chosen by people generally when they leave a hospital or need rehabilitation. Home healthcare is best for people who need help with their daily activities like preparing meals,house cleaning, shopping, transportation and doing laundry etc.

Crystal Market Research published a report on “Home Healthcare Market by Product and Service - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2025” released and accessible at