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What is E- Pharmacy?

Published Date : September 21, 2018

What is E- Pharmacy?

E- Pharmacy in other words is also known as online pharmacy is a virtual medical store that runs on internet. One can look for and even buy the desired medicines, drugs, cosmetics and prescriptions by placing an order. All the ordered products are usually delivered to the buyer’s doorstep. In the era of technology and communication advancement there is a large number of E-Pharmacy available over internet. The pharmacy can be national or international. An E-Pharmacy runs according to the rules laid on them by the state government. Therefore many online pharmacies run and deliver on the global level.  Although there have been many debates going on globally regarding the online pharmacies as even the WHO, the World Health Organization believes that theses virtual stores can be harmful many of the times. 

What are the advantages of an E-Pharmacy?

  • Convenient- E-Pharmacy is often convenient for people because one does not have to go out to buy medicine, it can be ordered online and delivered to your doorstep.
  • A large variety- sometimes when you visit your local pharmacy you may not find the medicine you are looking for due to several reasons, but an online pharmacy will rarely have any medicine out of stock and even if they are one can juggle through different websites and order it.
  • Updated stock- many of the times the medicines that are new are not available in the market but online pharmacies stay updated with their stock and often provide you with the latest medicines.
  • Legal E-Pharmacy- legal online pharmacy often have a consultation service where one can consult to a doctor or a specialist and find the medicines that are appropriate for them.
  • Privacy- privacy is a key factor of online pharmacies one has total privacy while purchasing anything through the online stores.

What are the disadvantages of an E-Pharmacy?

  • Illegal E-Pharmacy- there are even some illegal and unethical online pharmacies that may deliver the outdated, uncertified or expired medicines to you.
  • Safety issues- as the stores are virtual one can order medicines without doctor’s prescriptions and even children can order dangerous commodities without adult supervision.
  • Insecurity- there can be wrong medicines delivered to you without packaging and safety.
  • Payment frauds- other than medical unsafety and risk there are even dangers regarding the payment and money. Illegal or unregistered pharmacies can take payment and not deliver you the products. There are various crimes taking place of the similar cases.