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What are the Benefits of Avocado Oil?

Published Date : June 03, 2019

Avocado oil is edible oil pressed and produced for the avocado fruit of the avocado tree, i.e., Persea Americana. The oiled in cold-pressed from the fleshy pulp which surrounds the avocado pit, and hence making it one of the few edible oils which are not extracted from the seed. This pear-shaped tropical fruit produces oil that has highest concentration of monounsaturated fats, Vitamins A, E and D, and potassium along with all possible healthy fats, including essentially fatty acids and oleic acid. The fruit is rich in antioxidants as well as beta-sitosterol, and all of these have been known to lessen the risk of developing cancer and cardiac diseases respectively. Avocado has unusually higher smoke point, both while unrefined and refined. When unrefined the smoke point of this oil is 480°F(249 °C) and the refined version can touch 520°F (271 °C). The accurate smoke point is dependent on the quality of refinement and the way the oil

A few Health Benefits of Avocado Oil:

Rich in Oleic Acid, a very healthy fat –lowers the risk of cancers, prevents flare-ups of some auto-immune diseases, speeds up cell regeneration and wound healing, helps the body in deterring and alleviating microbial infections.

Keeps the heart healthy –since the oil is high in beta-sit sterol, it has great anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in preventing damage to arterial walls which in turn lowers the risk of heart diseases which are caused by plaque deposits.

Excellent source of Vitamin E –the fat-soluble vitamin is known for enhancing skin and eye health, strengthening the immune system, rendering defense against oxidative harm to the cells which are caused by free radicals, improves memory and mental acuity. It also increases the efficiency of the digestive tract. A recent survey done of avocado oil market states that this oil can mobilize and elevate the collagen in connective tissue and thereby helping the skin become softer and prevents premature aging.

Helps in losing weight –oleic acid in the avocado oil assists in losing weight particularly when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Additionally, avocado oil is thick and stuffed with powerful nutrients, therefore it is bound to make one feel fuller faster and keeps the appetite satisfied for longer.

Helps in hair growth – it is recommended that one must apply avocado oil post cleansing of the scalp, as it helps in strengthening the hair roots and enhance the overall texture of the hair.

Promotes wound healing –when one has thoroughly cleaned the wound, he/she can add as few drops or two on the wound and it will speed up the healing process and also result is less amount of scarring.