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What are Image Sensors and their different types?

Published Date : July 25, 2017


Cameras have always been a source of wonder to each and every one of us and I’m sure that all of us have spent at least a little time on wondering how the simple but magnificent device manages to capture the most precious moments of our lives and convert them into physical memories that we can treasure forever. Some of us might have had the patience to go back and look up on how the camera actually works. Others have just continued to live in the bliss that ignorance provides and carry on with their regular work. One of the most important elements of any kind of camera is the image sensor. An image sensor is that part of the device that senses the presence of the object and converts the object into an image through a very simple yet complicated process. The image sensor converts the light waves into signals that can be interpreted by the sensor along with tiny shocks of current so that the information can be transmitted.

Market for Image sensors:

Image sensors have a very wide and varied usage. They are used in Polaroid cameras, digital cameras, handycams, night vision equipment and many more professional cameras. Apart from the camera industry it also used in the medical field during X-ray imaging, MRI, PET scan and CT scan and many other imaging equipments. It is also used in the technology industry in every computer and laptop as part of the video camera involved. The market for image sensors is divided on the basis of three different things like technology, application and specification. The above description is just an example of the varied uses of the image sensors in a number of industries. This gives an idea about the size of the market that the image sensor enjoys. By the year 2025, the global market for image sensors is expected to reach a significant amount and it will also enjoys a substantial compound annual growth rate across the world during the forecast period.

Types of Image Sensors:

There are different types of imaging equipment based on the type of technology that the sensor uses. These two sensors are the CMOS and CCD. However, the CMOS version has been proven to perform better than the CCD version especially because it uses lesser power while providing faster services. This plays a very important role in the industry because it can reduce their costs to a very great extent.


Image sensors are probably one of the very few inventions and innovations that have such a widespread presence over a number of industries. They are used in a number of fields that are even contrasting to each other and have plenty of conflicting uses as well.