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What are diabetic shoes?

Published Date : September 12, 2018

People with diabetes often suffer from neuropathy in their feet and often experience numbness in their feet and are mostly worried about it. Diabetic shoes are specifically designed footwear that was manufactured to decrease the risk of skin breakdown for the people suffering from diabetes neuropathy. They are often known as sugar shoes, extra depth and even therapeutic shoes. These shoes can only be purchased if prescribed by the physician and fit by a certified therapeutic shoe fitter, orthodist, pedorthist and podiatrist. These shoes consist of removable or detachable orthosis such as shoe inserts, shoe fillers like wedges and heels, arch supports.

What are the main functions of diabetic shoes?

  • The main function of diabetic shoes is to prevent strains in the feet that is caused because of poor circulation of blood in neuropathy patients.
  • These shoes help to provide comfort to the feet and the patient as the shape of the foot can change due to neuropathy.
  • Diabetic footwear helps in preventing ulcers, amputations and calluses that are very common in such patients.
  • These shoes are supposed to help diabetics to improve mobility and avoid foot injuries.
  • It also controls the friction between the feet and the shoe.

What is unique about these shoes?

These shoes in comparison to the normal shoes have an advanced and more flexible toe box to encourage better circulation. Diabetic shoes also control the friction, insoles that are highly moldable and are wider in the shape in order to avoid any injury like blistering and ulcers. These shoes posses more depth for additional stability and support.

Where you can find diabetic shoes?

There is a large variety of these shoes available online on the famous online sites like Amazon, Ebay and many more as well as at your nearby physician. These shoes are available in a large number of forms, colors, styles and even materials because diabetic neuropathy is a very common problem among the diabetes patients and require a lot of attention.