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What are Dentures and why is there a global demand for this market

Published Date : July 13, 2017


Dentures are false teeth that are either fixed permanently or temporarily to replace the missing teeth and the surrounding tissues. There are two categories of dentures available on the basis of missing teeth. Complete dentures are offered for people who have experienced the entire loss of teeth whilst partial dentures are provided for people who still have some natural teeth present. Denture adhesives are used in order to keep the denture intact inside mouth.  The market for denture adhesive alone has a higher growth rate due to continuous issues pertaining to the stable attachment of dentures prevails. Cold cured dentures are cost efficient but are very temporary due to the usage of low quality materials. Hence, the requirement of high cost, quality assured dentures is very essential for the long run.

Market value of dentures:

The global market value of dentures industry has seen continuous growth trend due to the soaring rise in dentists in developed countries of North America and Europe. The key competitors in the market includeDear Doctor Inc, Dentsply, Heraeus Kulzer, Ivoclar Vivadent, VITA Zahnfabrik, SHOFU, Yamahachi Dental, New Static, Ruthinium Group and Zimmer Dental. The major market driving factor is the increased number of old people who happen to have more teeth related issues. Countries like UnitedStates, China, Japan and India have been yielding high profit rates over the past few years.However countries of North America are the leading producers, with significant contribution to the GDP rise from this industry. The demand for dentures could also increase considerably with the aid of awareness created amongst people regarding oral hygiene and wellness.  The technological advancements in the industry could further increase the demand for dentures. Cost efficiency factors have played huge roles of restraints in the case of growth. The soaring price rates have held back families of various classes to invest in dentures. An alternative pricing system with quality enhancement could prove to be a great boost factor for the hype of this market. Complete dentures, have to be placed and maintained with more caution as the whole replacement and fixation depends upon suction capacity of the denture. On a similar note, implanted dentures render the patients with more ease in comparison with conventional dentures. Removable dentures often leave patients with irritation in the gums.

Market trend:

The market trend is an upward curve, due to the uprising level of oral issues and the increased amount of cognizance exhibited by people. The Cumulative Average Growth Rate percent is said to increase to a great extent.


The market value of dentures will apparently increase, with the increased demand for high quality and high standard dentures.