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What are Bone Grafts and Substitutes?

Published Date : July 18, 2017

As an almost every day event, one sees ‘growing up’ mostly in terms of how many wounds they got and the number of fractures they encountered. The probable cause of every bone surgery does not only start with the number of bones that are broken, but also how major the impact has been. One of the most crucial parts of such a study in the medical field, over the past decades has been that of surgically removing and replacing bones. With the help of technology this procedure has become rather easy and has been successful at all times.

Bone grafts, in simple words, are used to promote replacement of bones and are used to make sure that the bones are healed by using certain devices. The devices used in this type of surgery can be synthetic, composed of different materials or even natural. Here, we shall discover the importance of the same.

The Global bone grafts and substitutes market is expected to grow lucratively during the forecast period owing to several factors and one of them being increasing geriatric population worldwide.

Here are some details about this

There are various systems that continue along this way. Replacing the bone is a risky business and can sometimes not withstand the pressure of healing completely, and so might remain in an uncomfortable position for a long time. One procedure that is used to make sure that these are taken care of, is named ‘allograft.’ This means actually replacing the bones with someone else’s, basically an individual that has similar tissues and are identical in various ways, and can be helpful in replacing someone’s bones.

Another substitute method for this is also named Xenograft. This is another very important surgery as it deals with animals, and not human beings. A similar process just like that followed in Allograft is followed here as well, but in animals. And along those lines itself, doctors have been able to cure incurable problems and diseases in animals and have discovered newer things with human beings as well. However, this kind of surgery is often done in case tissues are lacking in the bank or with the hospital. Other animals are therefore used in this process and are helpful in this transplant.

Conclusion says

Bone replacements and other type of surgeries that come under the umbrella of Allograft and Xenograft, are not very recent developments. Scientists have been working on such discoveries since a long time and through numerous experiments and observations, these surgeries have become successful all over the world, even in terms of animals. Therefore, what has to be kept in mind is that there are various ways of treating one’s bones but this is definitely the most convenient one.