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Various Important Uses of Gas Chromatography

Published Date : July 18, 2017


Chemistry is one of the subjects that has a very big impact on the lives of the students from a very young age. The very sight of test tubes, round bottom flasks and all the other apparatus that are present in a laboratory set up in school were a constant source of fascination to all those hundreds of students that take up the subject and immerse their soul in studying about the various compounds in organic and inorganic chemistry. The fascination can go a long way in determining whether the person wants to pursue that subject further or just let it go. One such fascinating experiment in chemistry is that of gas chromatography. In simple language, gas chromatography is an experiment that is used to separate different compounds from a mixture with the use of vaporization and without the compound becoming fit for use. It is mainly used for testing the purity of a variety of substances and various other things.

Market for gas chromatography:

The market for Gas chromatography is huge and can be divided into a number of sub markets including end users, regions, instruments and accessories. This market industry is expected to garner lucrative growth during the forecast period. The North American market accounted for the largest share of the market naturally because of the extensive research work that is undertaken within this country and the various kinds of promotional activities that the product gets when it gets approved by the government of North America. The market is then lead by the European regions wherein again there is extensive research that is undertaken for a variety of products and the grants that are given by the governments to conduct these research activities. The market is then lead by the Asia Pacific markets mainly because of the exploding population in these kinds of countries and the need for research scholars in this part of the world.

Uses of gas chromatography:

  • It can help in the preparation of pure compounds from impure compounds.
  • Mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry for the analysis of various compounds and their reporting.
  • It is also used in the field of forensic science for identification of the various drugs that may inhibit the systems.


Gas Chromatography is a chemical experiment that is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry to separate and analyze the various compounds of chemicals. It can be used to give the purest mixtures that are possible from a given compound.