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Uses and Importance of Automotive Air Filters

Published Date : June 15, 2018

What are air filters?

An air filter may refer to a type of device employed to eliminate undesirable particles like mould, dust, bacteria, and pollen from the air. Some filters can also eliminate bad odor. These devices contain fibrous materials that aid in the absorption of unnecessary particulates. Odor removing filters contain absorbents or catalysts like charcoal that not only aid in the removal of odor but also help in the elimination of gaseous pollutants such as ozone and other volatile organic compounds.


Significance of air quality:

The air quality procured after filtration is crucial. Air filters should ensure quality appropriately, as some applications require filtered air with high quality. For instance, engines and building ventilation system would require high quality air. A variety of applications requires the usage of air filters.


Various categories of air filters:

Various industries utilize air filters in a variety of forms for different types of applications. The usage of air filters and their relative properties differ based upon the applications. Space shuttles and satellites utilize spun fiberglass filter elements, foam, and pleated paper for air filter purposes. On the other hand, air ionizers employ components with a static electric charge or fibers. This helps in the elimination of dust particles by attracting them with the aid of static electric charge. 


Importance of technological advancements in air filters:

Air compressors and internal combustion engines utilize other forms of air filters like foam, paper, and cotton filters. Air intake filters employed in gas turbines has witnessed technological advancements to suit various requirements. The enhancements in fluid dynamics of the air-compressor part and aerodynamics are the reasons for the considerable improvement of air filters used in gas turbines.  Oil bath filters have lost their market value over the recent years due to the inordinate shift in devices that are technologically superior.


Significance and drawbacks of automated air filters:

The vehicle’s passenger compartment consists of a cabin air filter placed in the outside. These automated air filters commonly employ pleated-paper filter system. They are rectangular shaped. They resemble combustion air filters in terms of appearance. However, the shape of an automated air filter solely relies upon the available space of particular vehicles’ outside-air intakes. Automobile experts have remarked several disadvantages for the usage of automated air filters.  Automakers had added automated air filters just recently to the automobile equipment. The introduction of allergens into the cabin air stream and reduction of airflow due to clogged or dirty cabin air filters have quite shaken the hype potential automated air fillers market. Sometimes, these air filters also the air conditioning and heating performance of the vehicles.