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Types and Uses of Pleated Filters

Published Date : November 09, 2018

The usage of pleated filters in air filtration system:

Air filter is necessary to eliminate the presence of solid particulates such as mould, dust, bacteria, and pollen in air. Hence, they are known as particulate air filters. Typical air filters are composed of fibrous materials in order to remove the presence of solid particulates. Air filters commonly employ pleated paper filters.

The various categories of filtration systems:

The most commonly employed filters for air are spun fibre glass filter elements, foam filter and pleated paper filter. Pleated paper filters find applications in various other filtration systems as well. These are generally food and beverages filter, oil filter and various other filters. However, air filter is the most rampant filtration system where pleated paper filters find significant application in. The air filter products are further subdivided into various categories based upon the efficiency of filtration. They are high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration system and medium efficiency filters.

Superiority of pleated filters in various applications:

The usage of pleated filters has seen soaring increase in the recent years due to the growing demand for the filters in various industrial, residential, utility, commercial, and other sorts of purposes. Pleated filters are manufactured using some materials that are later folded into pleats. The presence of folded pleats helps in the effective circulation of air flow in any filter system that employs pleated filters within a HVAC system. For this reason, pleated filters have become the most rampant in various industries. Furthermore, the features offered by pleated air filters make them ideal option for purposes implicating the filter of oil and other substances and they are more effective than conventional fibre glass filters. They are also superior in terms of cost efficiency when it comes to electrostatic filters that are super efficient. The increase in air borne diseases and food borne diseases has significantly increased the demand for pleated filter systems.

The usage of pleated filters in food filter system:

Food filters have been pondered crucial as lack in cautiousness in terms of food production could subsequently lead to harmful side effects. Food safety is quintessential and hence there are various regulations amended to resolve these issues. The usage of pleated air filters in food filter system has become prevalent in the recent years. Pleated paper filters furnish an excessive layer that can gather particles ranging up to the size of 10 microns. However, there have been complaints regarding the presence of substitute products to segregate micro sized dust particles in various industrial applications that also entails food industries.