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The Procedure involved in Soft tissue repair

Published Date : July 10, 2017


Tissue repair is a process that takes place when there is an injury to any tissue that is present in the body right from the skin, eye, organs etc. We do know that most of the organs in our body is made up of a collection of tissues. In fact the basic definition of organs that all of us learnt in our 10th grade is that organs are made up of a collection of tissues. Any tissue can get injured and repaired due to any activity. When a child falls down, he/ she can get hurt and there might be slight bleeding as well. This is one of the most simple example of tissue injury. This does not mean that tissue injury leads to dead tissues and scars that can last  a lifetime. Dead tissues are replaced by new tissues and it is a continuous process. The Soft Tissue Repair Market is aiming to garner maximum market share during the forecast period owing to factors such as increasing elderly population who have high risk of soft tissue injuries which resists the body movement and function. Moreover, escalating participation in sports, increase in number of people with disposable income and continuous technological innovations in medical devices will impel the growth of this market industry.

The process of tissue repair:

The process of tissue repair is composed of 2 components that is repair and regeneration. When a tissue injury occurs in a human body the following are the most common visual symptoms that occur which include bleeding in the injured area, inflammation of the tissues, then there is the proliferation of the new tissue that grows out slowly while simultaneous remodelling takes place according to the injured area. The new tissue that proliferates is known as the scar tissue which literally means that the purpose of the new tissue is only to cover the scars that might arise out of the injury caused due to the tissue injury. Of the four phases of tissue repair, the bleeding period is the shortest due to the presence of platelets in the blood that help in clotting and hence preventing blood loss. Inflammation stage is one of the most important stages in the process of tissue repair and has a rapid onset and lasts usually for a period of 1 to 3 days. It is the first step in the healing process. The proliferation stage is the second most important stage wherein there is generation of the new repair material tissue that is made up of a substance called collagen. Collagen is a type of protein that has very strong and elastic characteristics. And the last stage is the remodelling stage wherein the collagen takes the shape of the existing injury and helps to cover the skin and protect the flesh.


Soft tissue repair is a natural process that takes place within the human body and comprises of 4 stages. It is a natural regeneration process and it is a wonder to many young minds even today.