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The Era Of Wireless Healthcare Asset Management

Published Date : June 20, 2017


Wireless healthcare asset management is a solution used to regulate and manage asset as equipment’s, tool, patient and other hospital professionals using wireless technology. Hospitals must manage many costly and mobile systems, tools and equipment’s due to which a significant portion of time is wasted in managing these asset inventories which are lost, stolen or misplaced.

Due to this mismanagement, the asset utilization level significantly decreases which results in overall low operational efficiency and moreover it also involves loss associated with the lost and stolen costly medical tools and equipment’s.
Wireless healthcare asset management system provides an efficient real-time solution to keep track of not only physical assets but also coordinates the professionals and patients in the hospital. Being wireless in nature, it provides different features like portability, flexibility and scalability to overall system. It ensures that assets and categories of assets are discoverable, indicating both room-level location and availability status as in on/off, sterilized/unsterilized, in use and free. To avoid dysfunctionality the systems provides on time alerts for servicing the equipment and provides theft alert if in case the equipment crosses geo-fenced area.  

 Wireless Healthcare Asset Management Market Drivers:

There are several factors responsible for the long-term growth of the wireless healthcare asset management market. Initially, there were concerns among medical professionals that wireless systems would interfere with hospital systems like telemetry which is crucial for measuring a patient’s vital signs. These problems have been largely taken care of by newer systems which use different wireless frequencies. Agencies like the FCC, FDA, EPA, and OSHA have also certified the technologies reassuring patients. It is not only patients but also the medical staff who are becoming increasingly dependent on wireless technologies. Doctors and nurses can use hands-free VoFi to stay in continuous contact. Nurses can enter details about a patient from anywhere and doctors could even use their phones to access the office servers or various medical applications. All of this is anticipated to drive the wireless healthcare asset management market globally.

Wireless Healthcare Asset Management Market Restraints:

A major challenge that is needed to be overcome is the high cost involved in installing wireless management systems. Even if the organization wants to provide all services to their patients, they are unable to owing to no government support and minimal funding. Another issue is designating responsibility for such equipment where IT and Biometrics departments are overloaded and are unwilling to take on additional managerial responsibility. Finally, the lack of knowledge and expertise concerning the systems limits its use.


Wireless healthcare asset management is getting very popular as it saves a lot of time and makes work easier. But the problems associated with it are also serious and need attention to be fixed to make the technology globally acceptable.

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