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The Basics and Significance of Sports Medicine

Published Date : June 07, 2017

Sports medicine is a subject branch of a medicine which necessitates prevention, diagnosing and treatment of exercise or sports-related injuries. Besides managing such injuries, sports medicines also makes use of several exercise involvement in order to prevent and manage chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension and obesity. These medicines assist in enhancing an athlete’s performance, provide speedy recovery and avoid future injuries. Sports medicines are prescribed by sports physicians to assist athletes regulate their regular exercise regime and help them regain complete function and prevent any kind of disabilities by increasing and improving their capability and mobility. Sports medicine alleviates active lifestyle irrespective if an individual being sedentary or already active. These medicines help superior athletes in pursuit of excellence by impelling the boundaries of physical performance. The term sports medicine comprises of a wide range of teams such as sports physicians, sports physiotherapists, sports orthopedic surgeons, sports trainers, sports podiatrists, sports massage therapists, and sports scientists (sports dieticians, sports biomechanists, exercise physiologist, sports psychologists, strength and conditioning coaches).

Sports medicine are usually sought by individuals such as –

•    People involved in recreational exercises – generally look for assistance for nagging sports injuries, and hope to sustain the active lifestyle.

•    Competitive athletes – seek for annual management of injury and pre-participation screening. The aim is to safely secure the process of recovery, in order to let the athlete recover and continue to perform better than before.

•    Individuals looking for mental edge – generally performance in sport, life or  work

•    Young athletes – looking to begin sport activity with precise techniques

Besides, people suffering from severe and chronic conditions such as fatty liver, coronary artery disease, diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, etc., sports physician work simultaneously with doctors taking care of the primary disease to implement efficient and safe exercise program via exercise testing and prescription.

The John Hopkins Department of Orthopedic Surgery has a Sports medicine division which renders treatment and medical care to recreational and professional athletes. They specialize in athletic injuries of muscles, joints, bones, ligaments and cartilage, with a primary aim on knee, shoulder foot & ankle and hip conditions. Key objective is to assist patients stay healthy and active and to get them back to average athletic performance as soon as possible. American Medical Society for Sports Medicine states a fact that estimated 90% of all sports injuries do not require any surgical intervention.

Few Factors that are actively contributing towards the growth of the global sports medicine market:

•    Amongst athletes, there is an increasing awareness pertaining to health and physical fitness
•    Prolonged recovery time involved
•    Latest enhanced technologies in the sports medicine segment
•    Escalated exposure of athletes to several sporting events across the globe
•    Rising prevalence of injuries related to sports
•    More and more demand for minimally invasive procedures for surgeries and injuries pertaining to sports
•    Respective governments’ support in the form of increase in budget allocations to the sports sector

Future of Sports Medicine –

A broad range of research and estimations have been undertaken to meet the future demands of sports medicine along with rise in its performance and the lessening of physical ailments. Most analysis leads towards the sole fact that sports medicines will have a crucial and efficient role in avoiding injuries pertaining to sports. An in-depth study of neuromuscular adaptations of the body is a vital aspect which speaks on the application of sports medicine in avoiding sports related injuries. Ultimately, additional enhancements in the sports medicine will assure physical activity which is safe and also escalate the performance levels to a great extent.

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