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Technologically Advanced Options of Hearing Aids

Published Date : October 16, 2017

Hearing loss is becoming extensively common along with the surging aged population. There is an extensive stigma in association with hearing loss as well as with the utilization of hearing aids. Individuals experiencing deafness are oblivious that deafness is not something to be ashamed of. As hearing loss is a disability that takes away a lot from an average person’s day-to-day life and can affect an individual of any age group, there are different attentive alternatives which are carefully fit and can significantly upgrade the personal satisfaction for such individuals.

Hearing Aid

A hearing aid also widely recognized as deaf aid, is a little electronic gadget that can be worn either inside or behind the ear depending upon the structure of the model. It is an advanced gadget which enhances the hearing capacity of an individual experiencing hearing loss. The hearing aid has three prime parts, namely, an amplifier, a microphone and a speaker. There are various kinds of hearing aids with different shapes, functions and sizes. Currently, there are several options and styles available for the hearing aids suited for every individual according to their comfort and the severity of the deafness.

How it works

Keeping in mind the end goal to empower the hearing limit with respect to a person with hearing loss, the amplifier empowers a portion of the sounds louder than regular; and subsequently giving the individual a chance to convey and take an interest in the everyday exercises easily. By making use of a hearing aid the person will be able to hear in quiet as well as noisy environments. The microphone assist in receiving and adapting, which at that point changes over from sound waves to electrical signals and transmits them to the amplifier. An amplifier enhances the energy of the electric signals and with the assistance of the speaker then transmits them to the ear.

Some of the common types of hearing aids available are:

In-the-ear (ITE)

In comparison to other hearing aids, the ITE hearing aid is bigger in size. They are precisely fit in two variations – one that fills the external ear (full shell) and the other that fills only the lower some portion of the ear (half shell). ITE are tweaked to look as appealing as would be possible and furthermore provide comfort. This variation utilizes a bigger battery and works for a longer period of time which is favored by a large portion of the general population with hearing impedance. This gadget is additionally defenseless to earwax obstructing the speakers.

Behind-the-ear (BTE)

A BTE hearing aid includes a plastic packaging which is hard and lightweight and is hooked from the highest point of the ear and rests at the back of the ear. The packaging is accessible in different shades suiting each individual's skin tone and a tube that is transparent and contains wire that connects the gadget to an ear mold which is modified and fits in the ear canal.  There are two types of BTE hearing aid, for example, BTE-With Ear Mold and BTE-Open Fit. Both of these are identical in terms of functioning. However, the BTE-Open Fit provides more comfort and is smaller in size.

In-the-canal (ITC)

An in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aid is customized and made to fit by the shape and size of an individual’s ear trench. This variation fits halfway in the ear canal and can enhance from gentle to moderate hearing loss in individuals. When compared to other variants, the ITC hearing aid is less prominent; however, it is more inclined to earwax clogging the speaker.

Completely-in-the-canal (CIC)

CIC hearing aid is identical to the ITC hearing aid on the basis of capacities however; it is smaller and more artistic. It is usually recommended to individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss. It the smallest hearing aid and keeps away from getting any breeze or noise from the atmosphere. CIC utilizes batteries that are smaller and in this manner may be of concern; likewise, it doesn't contain any additional special highlights like volume controls.