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Technical Advancement in Point-Of-Sale (POS) Systems:

Published Date : July 15, 2019

Android point-of-sale (POS) systems are cost-effective, user-friendly and cloud-based. These easy-to-use POS systems are best suited for small scale businesses, including retail stores, restaurants, and mobile businesses. In earlier times, cash registers were used which made the task very tedious and time-consuming, whereas today the POS systems are online and this makes them up-to-date and can process credit cards instantaneously.

In most cases, Android POS software could be compatible with Android smartphones or tablets. However, a few selected services provide android OS tablets which are well-suited devices such as EMV cards readers, tablet stands, barcode scanners, cash drawers, customer displays, and scales. Such Android POS systems are always judged against Apple’s iPad POS systems. Mostly, these two POS systems are cross-platform compatible – which means, the software could work with Mac OS and iOS. Android POS enables great tailor-made experience because as a mobile operating system, android is flexible and is an open platform. It lets software developers have more control over the overall application experience.

Elements of Android POS:

 Software – It is the core part of the POS system you interact with. It has multiple functionalities of which a few are creating invoices, tracks inventory, processes report related to sales and handle client data. Almost always this software needs to purchase android devices which charge a fixed monthly fee for using the software and their respective online services. Whilst the software can process cash sales, one will yet require a credit card processor for debit and credit card related payments.

Hardware – There is a vast option when it comes to POS hardware wherein it can just be one tablet or smartphone or multi-location, multi-user system. To process the client’s payments, one will need a payment terminal or a credit card reader.

Payment processing – Credit card processors assist in the swift processing of both debit and credit cards. The card reader connects to either the android device or individual credit card terminal. To safeguard the business from indebtedness and fraudulent charges, you will need an EMV chip card reader.

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