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Smart Pill : Your daily medicine reminder

Published Date : June 20, 2017

To everyone's astonishment, the advancing technology has came up with an amazing new concept known as smart pill. A pill that acts as a reminder every time a person’s mind skips out on having  medicines on time.

With a whole lot of things running over everyone's minds all day, people often end up neglecting themselves and thereby at times their mind too act accordingly and ignores the aspect of reminding them to get their medicines timely. In such a scenario to have something that takes care of one’s health when they in a way neglect it, is something pretty amazing.

A brief discussion about the market trends

Though the global smart pill market is not very prevalent and widely used as yet and that is because of unawareness regarding the same among the people. But looking into the widespread failure of following proper medicine prescriptions by the patients thereby resulting in serious problems is going to be a major market driving factor for the market industry of smart pills in the upcoming days.

Studies reveal that 80% of the total patients who are on constant everyday medication for various problems including blood pressure or diabetes or so on end up making their situation worse because of not following the prescriptions properly. People tend to take the medicines when they find themselves free and it's convenient to them rather than sticking up to the prescriptions which call for serious attention.

How does a smart pill work?

Well to make it brief and clearly understandable, a sensor made of some naturally occurring minerals in our body, of really small size, as small as a size of grain of a sand is put inside every capsule of the prescriptions of the patients. This sensor somehow gets activated as soon as the patient takes up the medicine as per the prescriptions, by some acids present in the stomach of the patient aiding in activation of the sensor.

But the real question arises what has the sensor to do with reminding the patient to take the medicine?

A very obvious fact attached to this is that if in case the patient misses out on having the medicine the sensor is not going to get activated. Another aspect of this is that the the activation of sensor is transmitted via a thin Bluetooth-enabled patch that is attached to the abdomen of the patient and in case when the patient forgets to take up the prescribed medicines the sensor does not get activated thereby reminding the patient about the same in the form of a text message on the device so connected with the Bluetooth enabled patch.
Along with reminding the patient about the medicines it also assists in analysing some other important aspects of a patient’s health including the heartbeat, sleep, etc.

This clearly states that smart pill is one of the smartest inventions of the advancing technology indeed.