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Significance of Scar Removal Treatment

Published Date : August 30, 2018

Our skin is a coherent component, similar to a fine material that protects our body. Our skin is the foremost exposed part of our body.  Any injury, burn, or other injury, for example, surgeries can leave a scar on the skin. However, if a scar is small in size or in a place that be concealed easily, it doesn’t seem like an issue. But if the scar is big and prominent; we often get conscious and seek treatment to remove the scar. The fact of the matter is the scar will not totally vanish. Nonetheless, there are a few procedures that can assist in lessening its size and alter its appearance.

Types of Scars:

There are many different kinds of scars that are caused due to various reasons. Some of them are listed as follows.

  • Acne scars – Severe acne results in scarring. There are numerous kinds of skin acne scars, from deep pits to scars that are wavelike or angular in appearance. The options for treatment rely upon the kinds of skin inflammation scars a person have.
  • Keloid scars – These types of scars are the aftereffect of an excessively forceful recuperating process. They reach out past the original damage. As time goes by, a keloid scar may inhibit movement. The options for treatment incorporate medical procedure to expel the scar, silicone sheets to flatten the scar, or steroid injections. Keloids that are small in size can be dealt with utilizing cryotherapy (freezing treatment with the help of liquid nitrogen). These kinds of scars are most normal among individuals with dark completion.
  • Hypertrophic scars – These are red scars, slightly raised from the surface of the skin that is like keloids yet don't go past the limit of the damage. The options for treatment incorporate steroids injections to lessen irritation or flatten the scar with the help of silicone sheets.
  • Contracture scars – If the skin gets damaged due to burns, it causes a contracture scar. These scars cause the skin to tighten, which can affect the capacity to move. Contracture scars can also go deeper, having an impact on the nerves and muscles.       

Pros and Cons of treatments:

  • Laser treatment can't completely eliminate the scar. On account of recent progressions in medical procedures, lasers are turning into a dermatologist's go-to treatment for some scars. Laser treatment can likewise make a scar less perceptible, however it will not make a scar vanish totally. When you have laser scar treatment, you're supplanting one scar with another less-observable scar.
  • It's fundamental for the individual who is performing the laser treatment to know about the scar and skin type. Everybody is one of a kind. To treat a scar successfully, the individual performing the laser treatment must consider the attributes of your scar, and your general health. A therapeutic counsel is essential before any laser treatment.

If an individual takes a laser treatment with a sunburn or tan, the dermatologist can't treat the scar. Making use of a laser could cause a severe burn or stain the skin. After taking laser treatment, the individual taking treatment has to shield the skin from the sun until the point when the treatment is completed. If sun’s rays hit the treated skin it can be harmful and cause another scar. Sun protection is essential before and after laser treatment.