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Significance of Advanced Energy Storage Systems

Published Date : January 05, 2018

Energy storage systems are typically for storage of energy. Energy produced at a point of time has to be stored for future usage. Energy storage systems furnish exactly that space.  Energy storage devices are normally called batteries or accumulators. There are different forms of energy that people utilize in various ways.

Design of an energy storage system:

The commonly utilized energy forms include gravitational potential, kinetic, chemical, latent heat, radiation, elevated temperature, electrical potential, and electricity. Energy storage systems generally convert energy from one form to another as some energy forms are difficult to store. Hence, storage system technologies design storage systems in a way that ponder economical stability and storability as essential components.

Storage mechanisms for different forms of energy:

Hydroelectric dams possess the command over bulk energy storage. Both conventional and pumped forms of hydroelectric dams come into play in terms of bulk energy storage.  Hydroelectric dams store energy in the form of gravitational potential. There are different storage mechanisms for different forms of energy. The various storage methods for mechanical energy encompass flywheel energy storage, pumped-storage hydroelectricity, and fireless locomotive, hydraulic accumulative and compressed air energy storage.  The electrical storage methodologies include superconducting magnetic storage, capacitor, and super capacitor. The thermal storage methodologies entail eutectic system, brick storage heater, solar pond, molten salt storage, steam accumulator and more.

Advanced energy storage:

Advanced energy storage may refer to the procedure of saving electricity after converting it into energy. Industries and other sectors utilize the stored electricity later. Advanced techniques store electricity in some other form of energy and primarily collect them from various sources. Then, end user sectors acquire the necessary energy re-converted into electricity from these storage devices. There are conventional and novel e storage technologies prevalently observed in the market scene. These technologies entail thermal, pumped hydro, hydrogen storage, battery storage, and fly wheel.


Growing demand for advanced energy storage:

Rapid urbanization and developmental processes have gradually speeded up the growth of energy storage systems. Industrialization, because of numerous developmental processes and soaring rise in population because of urbanization has resulted in the growing demand for electricity. The growing demand for renewable resources has pushed for new advancements to arrive in the market. Consequently, newer technologies have taken over the energy storage market in the recent years. Furthermore, the enhancement of antiquated utility grid networks and higher energy demand costs have intensified the need for energy storage systems as a way to patronize sustainability and furnish sufficient resources for the impending generations.

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