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Several Applications of Casein and its Derivatives

Published Date : July 28, 2017

Casein is a group of associated phosphoproteins that are generally present in the milk of mammals. These proteins combine 45% of proteins of human milk and 80% of proteins of cow’s milk. Casein is useful in numerous things like being the prime ingredient in cheese, being added as a supplement to food etc. As a source of food, casein provides imperative components like phosphorus, carbohydrates, calcium and amino acids. Casein contains numerous disassociated proline residues. Hence, its tertiary structure is less. It poorly dissolves in water as it is hydrophobic. 


Casein is used in various aspects:
Dental and medical uses- to sustain amorphous calcium phosphate, products that are casein-based are used for tooth remineralization. 

Cheese making- commonly, cheese contains fats and proteins derived from the milk of goat, buffalo sheep or cow and are made by curdling of casein. The milk is agitated; rennet is then added to the milk for the curdling process. Rennet contains a proteolyticenzyme called rennin.

Plastics and Fibers- certain elementary plastics were made up of casein, for example Galalith that is mainly used for used for buttons. Fiber can be produce by evicted casein. During the 1930s a fabric produced from casein known as Lanital was prominent in Italy. 

Paint- Artists often make the use of casein-based paints as it dries faster and is water soluble. The use of paints that are made of casein exits from the ancient Egyptian times in the style of tempera paint. Illustrators used casein as material until late 1960s, after the invention of acrylic paints, the use of casein reduced. 
Protein supplement- a commendable ability of the casein protein is that it forms a clot in the stomach, which assists the protein to slowly release amino acids in the blood making it last for few hours as it is extremely imperative for the supply of nutrients. 

Glue- glues that are made of casein, sodium hydroxide, hydrated lime and water were useful for woodworking for aircrafts. As the glue is oil permeable, it is extremely useful for transformer manufacturing along with other applications like labeling of bottles and laminating doors that are fireproof. 

As studies suggest various uses of casein in industrial as well as edible forms, it provides a wide range of benefits. Casein is said to last longer in the system than other proteins like egg, soy or whey. Consuming a glass of milk that is abundant with casein protein has proven to be extremely beneficial. Furthermore, casein helps improve the metabolic rate accelerating muscle growth and fat loss. Consuming casein keeps the stomach full and helps to cut down fat making it easier to lose weight.