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Rising usage of Fermentation Chemicals

Published Date : June 25, 2018

Why do we need fermentation chemicals?

Various industrial processes employ fermentation chemical to speed up the rate of reactions taking place there. They are superior in terms of cost efficiency, significant outputs, and natural structure. They minimize the reaction time and save energy largely. Several applications utilize fermentation chemicals as potential initiators. The primarily used fermentation chemicals encompass enzymes, alcohols, and organic acids.

Application sectors of fermentation chemicals:

Alcohol industries, food industries, textile industries chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries, rubber industries, and beverage manufacturing industries are the major industries that employ the usage of fermentation chemicals in a wide range of application varieties. Alcohol industries ponderously consume fermentation chemicals and enzymes and organic acids industries follow them. However, industries implicating the production of antibiotics, xanthan, and vitamins have gained significant attraction globally for the usage of fermentation chemicals in them. Detergent industries employ fermentation chemicals for enzymes utilized in the detergent formulations furnish enhanced ability to remove hard stains. Besides, they are environmentally safe. Pharmaceutical products employ microbial fermentation. The various products implicating the usage of microbial fermentation are anti-cancer drugs, anti-biotic, cytotoxic drugs, drugs for the treatment of hormone disorder, and various other drugs. Fermentation is the only way for the procurement of natural therapeutic proteins.

Growing demand for fermentation chemicals:

The growing demand for cosmetics and pharmaceutical products has subsequently fueled the demand for fermentation chemicals. Furthermore, the growth of food and beverages industries has positively affected the production rate of fermentation chemicals. Spirits, drinkable alcohol, mixture in fuels, and solvents are the various forms of fermented alcohol products manufactured using fermentation chemicals. The consistent increase in the demand for alcohols has pushed the production rate of fermentation chemicals ponderously. Growing geriatric population and spiraling health care costs backs the growing demand for food enzymes.

Merits and demerits of fermentation chemicals:

The usage of fermentation chemicals in various industrial processes to speed up reactions has various beneficiaries of its own. This essentially includes the eco-friendly nature of fermentation chemicals. The soaring number of issues pertaining to environmental sustenance would not affect the production rate of fermentation chemicals whatsoever. However, there are potential drawbacks in the usage of fermentation chemicals. This encompasses the lack in easy availability of raw materials and the potential fluctuations in the processing of fermentation chemicals.


The versatile ranges of applications and inordinate specificity have furnished the front-runner seat for fermentation chemicals. The incorporation of basic principles of fermentation along with advancements in techniques and genetic engineering has lead to the growth of various industries. Hence, the demand for fermentation chemicals is enduring.