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Rising need for Aerosol propellants in Global Market

Published Date : January 08, 2018

Why do we require propellants?

Aerosol spray cans typically employ propellants in them. The propellants employed in the aerosol cans have a significant market of their own for without them, aerosol cans would require special pressure vessel arrangements as such in gas cylinders to perform their usual operations. A propellant is nothing but a chemical typically utilized for the production of pressurized gas and energy. This in turn creates the motion of fluid in an object.

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Significance of aerosols:

A variety of fields employs aerosols. The dispersal of pesticides would typically require the usage of aerosols. Furthermore, household sprays, combustion technology, and medical treatment would require their service as well. There are two categories entailed in the propellants market. They are compressed gas propellants and liquefied gas propellants.

Categories of aerosol propellants and the environmental impact:

The range of compressed gas propellants includes carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide. On the other hand, the range of liquefied gas propellants encompasses hydrocarbons, ethers, and fluorocarbons. A drastically reduced ratio in the recent years is prevalent in the usage of Chloro Fluoro Carbons due to the arrival of multiple environmental issues. Passage of stringent regulations has become quite prevalent these days with the advent of new issues everyday that rather concentrates on the degrading of the environment. However, this has fueled the demand for aerosol propellants in terms of safe usage.

Competitive market nature of propellant and aerosol brands:

Coal, feedstock, natural gas, and methanol are the basic raw materials used for the production of propellants. There are integrated producers who solely concentrate only on the production of propellants. However, there are also brands in the market of aerosol propellants that happen to manufacture both propellants and aerosols. Hence, raw material suppliers pose a considerable threat of being the superior producers for new enterprises who enter the manufacturing space.

Growing demand for aerosol propellants:

Personal health, hygiene factors, and the soaring number of people due to urbanization factors have significantly contributed to the growing demand for aerosol products in the market. Furthermore, awareness created through modern modes of media is an influential factor for the rise in usage of aerosol propellants. New product launches and new technological advancements put forth by competitive brands in the market have simply added more beneficiaries to the growing nature of aerosol propellants market.

The most commonly employed aerosol propellants entail varieties of hydrocarbons like n-butane, propane, and isobutane. However, butane and propane ponderously dominate the aerosol propellants market. The other such prevalent propellants in the market are dimethyl ether and methyl ethyl ether that are eco-friendly.

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