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Regulatory standards set for Cosmetic packaging products

Published Date : July 21, 2017


Cosmetic packaging refers to the containment of cosmetic products in a standardized packet. The standards are usually set up by International Organization for Standardization and then regulated by regulations offered by the EU or the FDA. Manufacturers of cosmetic products who do not comply with the regulations could face persecution for violating the norms. There are various purposes for issuing, products in containers. Packaging enhances the brand value of the product and could be used as a space for revealing the ingredients used in the product, functions of the ingredients used and accurate tracking details. Packaging is often concerned with conservation of the product present inside and is done in various ways (multi layer packaging) in order to improve the preservation quality. A standardized package should be able to prevent the attack of mould and bacteria and should be able to protect the biological, chemical, mechanical and thermal properties of the product.

Market value of cosmetic packaging:

The global market value of cosmetic packaging systems is heavily driven by product containers that possess bewitching visual stimuli to stimulate the likes of viewers buying the product. Recent research studies have revealed that customers within the age group of 19 to 23 prefer products with captivating color varieties and studies have also divulged the superior influence of genders upon the colors of cosmetic product containers. The Cumulative Average Growth Rate (CAGR) percent has significantly increased over the past few years and is said to reportedly increase in the impending years as well. This is mainly due to the increased awareness created amongst people regarding personal care through media. The increased demand for a fairer skin in Asian pacific region has also heavily influenced the need for cosmetic products. Consequently, Asian pacific region leads the market with the highest revenue yield followed by European countries and North American countries. The packaging methodologies are cautiously done with appropriate ingredients in the labeling section, due to increased awareness amongst people regarding the functionalities of specific drugs used in the product. Plastic is the most prevalently used for manufacturing package containers; however this also stands as a constraint due to its restriction in various regions.

Market trend:

The growing demands for anti-aging products for preferably women in their late thirties have highly influenced the market for cosmetic products regardless of the containers; however the packaging containers also drive the market potential to a great extent as customer satisfaction has proven to yield high market performance.


The market growth curve of cosmetic packaging sector is of forward fashion and is expected to grow more in the impending years as well.