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Precision Medicine - A Model That Encourages Customization In The Healthcare Sector

Published Date : October 31, 2018

What is precision medicine?

Precision medicine refers to a medical model which demands the customization and personalization of the health care sector and facilities. This model believes that there should be a change in the treatments, medical decisions, medical opinions or medical products according to the need of an individual patient. According to the model the patients undergo various tests for diagnosis so that the doctor can select the optimal and appropriate therapies or treatment suitable for them on the basis of their condition, genetic content, cellular and molecule analysis. The tools used for diagnosis under precision medicine may include imaging, analytics and molecular diagnostics tools.

How is precision medicine beneficial?

  • Preventing and diagnosing genetic disease- the model of precision medicine is regarded as revolutionary when it comes to preventing or diagnosing the various forms of genetic disease. Almost 2 percent of the children are founded by a serious stage of intellectual or developmental disability that are caused due to lack or damage of the proteins that are necessary for daily physical functions and development. While the new invention has helped to diagnose this disease more efficiently this may help in treating or changing the treatment methods more effectively.
  • Cancer treatment- cancer is mainly caused due to large range mutations of the cell while the traditional ways of diagnosis do not provide clear information about the factor that has led to cancer. The model has helped the doctors to identify which of the mutation has led to the particular form of cancer that has encouraged the invention of effective medicines like Imatinib that is even beneficial for the last stage developments such medicines can be expensive and thus are only included in the treatment when the doctor comes across the precise target.
  • Medicine suitability- as medicines have to be proved to be beneficial they also have some side effects as the chemicals released from the medicine effects the liver enzymes majorly. When the medicines are not prescribed accurately they tend to have adverse effect on the body. Consuming wrong medicine is often because of poor diagnosis. Thus one can say that precision medicine has made it very convenient for doctors to provide medicines according to the disorder with the help of accurate testing. Doctors can even choose to personalize the treatment or the dosage of the medicine according to the needs of the patients and to make the procedure more effective