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Pharmacy Automation Makes The Pharmacy More Reliable And Sustainable

Published Date : October 29, 2018

What is pharmacy automation?

Pharmacy automation is the process of automating or involving mechanical ways of managing and distributing medicines rather than the manual traditional way. Automating a pharmacy increases accuracy, safety of the patients, productivity of the staff and the speed of medicine distribution by decreasing the errors and time consumed. There are many the well-known companies in the market which provide equipment that are necessary for automating a pharmacy. The company supplies these devices to hospitals, nutraceuticals, long-term care, retail, central fill pharmacy and outpatients markets. There are a large variety of the automation devices available in the market currently and range from primary tools used for the purpose of packaging to the tools that are necessary for the monitoring or management purpose. Automation of pharmacy has increased a lot of competition within the market as the process not only makes the pharmacy more reliable and accurate but also more strategic and sustainable. The medicines are kept safe and up-to-date without any expired medicine in the stock.

What are the benefits of pharmacy automation?

  • Increase in productivity- automation process results in increasing the productivity as it decreases the manual efforts which consumed more time in comparison with the mechanical devices. The staff tends to focus more on patients when they receive a helping hand from the devices which pushes the productivity to the maximum.
  • Promotes patients safety- consuming an inappropriate medicine can have dangerous consequences and the patients may sometimes be rushed to the hospital this endangers patients safety but with automated pharmacy this can totally be avoided which promotes more security to the patient.
  • Reduces wastes- automation not only helps the workforce of the healthcare like nurses, doctors, pharmacists to connect better but also saves their time and efforts of labeling and sorting out the medicines but also enables disposing expired or harmful medicines on time, which decreases the waste.
  • Reduces labor cost- with increasing productivity and reducing manual efforts automation also lessens the need to human labor as most of the management and distribution work can be done with the help of mechanical devices.
  • Better patient care - with the many benefits the most important role of automated pharmacy id to be more patient centered, when these devices and techniques reduce the manual handwork the health care sector workforce can focus on the patients and give them the attention and time they require.