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Neurorehabilitation And Its Devices

Published Date : June 15, 2017

When a person gets serious NervousSystem injury, he along with his familyhas to go through a lot of complications and problems. Neurorehabilitation aims at simplifying those by making the best use of the available skills of the injured person in order to make him independent and change his and his family's outlook towards him and his way of living.

Predicting the market trends of neurorehabilitation devices

The global market for neurorehabilitation devices was initially valued at USD 915 millions approximately in the year 2015 as the data suggests. The available statistics also throw light on its future market industry at a global level estimating it to spread across with a value of USD 3.2 Billions approximately by the year 2025.

The major market driving factors for the market of neurorehabilitation devices constitute the increasing cases of neurological disorders thereby resulting in disabilities and the complications attached with the same.One of the factors hampering the growth of the market industry of neurorehabilitation devices is the need of professionally trained and skilled people for correct operation and usage of the available devices.

Around one third of the total people suffering from stroke globally get permanent disability.10million people worldwide become victims of Parkinson’s disease every year. To add to the situation 2.5 million people are affected each year by multiple sclerosis. The numbers of stroke patients being 15 million in this respect too are a part of the statistics. This is why there is an increase in the demand for neurohab devices.

Types of neurorehabilitation devices

Some type of neurorehabilitation devices include

1)    Wearable Devices
2)    Neurorobotic System
3)    Brain computer Interface
4)    Non-invasive stimulators

5)    Cerebral Palsy
6)    Traumatic
7)    Stroke
8)    Rain injury reports
9)    Spinal cord injury
10)    Parkinson’s diseases

More about neurorehabilitation and its devices

Once the initial stage of treatment for brain injury ceases, the treatment does not end. Another important aspect of such treatments is recovery, which are taken into account by neurorehabilitation.Neurorehabilitation mainly aims at reducing the dependancy of the injured and affected people to the extent to which it is possible. It focuses on simplifying the routine tasks of such patients.
Due to the technological advancements all around the world the prevalence of such devices is rising.
Due to the rising awareness and increasing number of movement disabilities and the need for their treatment, the neurorehabilitation devices market is expected to experience an enormous growth and expansion in the upcoming years.


Owing to such functions and facilities, medical science would be considered grateful towards the inventors of such useful phenomenon.

Crystal Market Research published a report on “Neurorehabilitation Device Market by Product and Application - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2025” released and accessible at