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Many Uses of Biomarkers across the Globe

Published Date : July 13, 2017


The medical industry is one of the biggest growing sectors of this era. People, all around the world, are becoming increasingly concerned about their health and are taking all the steps possible to prevent and protect themselves from the various diseases and disorders. One of the note very recent inventions of the medical world is the invention of biomarkers. The biomarkers are formally known as the biological markers and are used to indicate the presence of certain biological organisms or conditions that are present.It is a bio-organism that is introduced into another organism to detect the presence of certain biological conditions. Biomarkers have become a very common.

Market for biomarkers around the globe:

The global biomarkers market is anticipated to garner abundant market share by the end of the year 2025. Also, in this forecast period, the global market for biomarkers is expected to enjoy a substantial compound annual growth rate. The market for biomarkers is divided into a number of sub categories depending on a variety of elements. Based on the kind of product, the market can be divided into consumables, services and software. Based on the type of the product, the market is divided into safety and efficacy. Based on application, the entire market can be divided into diagnostics, drug discovery and also development. Based on the region, North America has the highest market for biomarkers especially because of the extensive amount of research that the country undertakes. Also, the government as a whole inducts a lot of research programs among the population of the country. The American market is followed by the European markets and then the Asia Pacific market. Asia Pacific market has the largest growing demand for bio markers because of the increasing medical health facilities at cheap and affordable prices.

Uses of bio markers all over the world:

  • The main use of biomarkers is to check the presence of a particular organism in another organism and check the presence of certain biological organisms or conditions and infections.
  • It is mainly used in the fields of research and development especially in the pharmaceutical industry while developing new drugs.
  • It is also used directly on patients in order to check the reaction towards certain biomarkers and its effects on the other cells and organisms in the human body.


Biomarkers or biological markers have been extremely useful to the medical industry over the past 5 decades in detecting a number of diseases, disorders, infections and conditions. They are also widely used in the field of research so that effective and highly efficient drugs can be provided.