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Many Inventions in the field of Medical Bionics

Published Date : July 21, 2017

The application of systems found naturally and by biological methods that study the engineering system’s design and technology that is modern is called Bionics. The term ‘Bionics’ was introduced in 1958 by Jack. E. Steele while working in Ohio on the Aeronautics Division House, which is said to be originally derived from Ancient Greek meaning ‘unit of life’. Various dictionaries suggest the word is made by combining the two words biology and electronics. As per the exponents of bionics, transformation of technology is desired in order to optimize living organisms. One of the greatest examples is the invention of the paint that is dirt and water repellent.

In Medicine

Medical Bionics would mean to enhance or replace organs of various parts by mechanical alternatives. Bionic implants are completely different form prosthesis although the functions are closely similar. A device called cochlear implant that is particularly used by hearing impaired individuals is one of the existing medical bionic items, while other technologies due to which bionic implants have been possible are in the initial stages. Completely functional artificial hearts were introduced in the year 2004. The invention of nanotechnology is expected to ender magnificent growth. Robert Freitas made a mark by proposing an artificial red cell which is a nanodevice called respirocyte. A silicon retina that was capable of capturing images as good as a living retina was introduced by Kwabena Boahen who served in Department of Bioengineering as a professor in the University of Pennsylvania in the span of eight years. By comparing the electrical signals of the silicon retina to the signals of a salamander eye viewing the same image, he proved the results. The first available bionic hand named "i-Limb Hand" was introduced by the Scottish company Touch Bionics in the year of 2007. The firm claimed that it went on to fit more than 1200 patients by the year 2010.

More Examples

  • Velcro is known as the most popular examples that biomimetic has that was introduced by George de Mestral in 1948.
  • After studying the structure of cat eyes Percy Shaw introduced the cat’s eye reflectors in 1935, which reflected even the smallest bit of light. 
  • By studying the materials present in arthropods, Resilin was introduced as a substitute for rubber.
  • By studying the structure of the Nelumbo lotus some of the paints and tiles of the roof have been structured to be self-cleaning.
  • Contemporary nanosensors that are used to detect explosives are inspired by the wing structures of the butterfly.
  • The invention of the BionicKangaroo which was inspired by the structure of the physiological Kangaroo.