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Intracranial Stents are placed within the blood vessel during the process of Intracranial Stenosis

Published Date : October 23, 2018

What are Intracranial Stents?

Intracranial Stents are small medical devices that are placed within the blood vessel during the process of Intracranial Stenosis. The structure of the stent is like a tube shaped mesh lookalike medical device that is mostly made from metal known as ‘nitinol’ that is the combination of three metal that are titanium, nickel and alloy, these stents are very small in size the diameter can be from to 1 to 2 inches and the length can be from 3 to 4 inches. These stents help in maintaining the health of the brain as well as the neuron system. Intracranial Stenosis is a process which involves the narrowing of the blood vessels within the brain. The problem in the brain can be caused due to the fat or other clogging materials blocking the blood vessels which prove to be very harmful for the brain as well as for the nervous system that almost take care of the entire body and performs various function. The process of inserting the Intracranial Stents into the brain is still a rare treatment and is not widely known which makes it scary and doubtful for patients who are advised to undergo Intracranial Stenosis.

When are the intracranial stents placed within the brain?

There are two major situations when the process of Intracranial Stenosis is carried out-

  • The process of Intracranial Stenosis involves narrowing of the blood vessels this can be due to the fat that blocks the blood flow and causes the fattening of the blood vessels, this the initial condition when the doctor advises to insert stents because the blocked vessels and insufficient supply of blood can lead to strokes. The blockage of the blood vessels can mainly occur in two areas- the intracranial artery which is present within the skull and in the carotid artery that are present in the neck.   

The second situation can be more dangerous called brain aneurysms which imply the situation where a thin or a weak spot of the blood vessel within the blood vessel fills with extra amount of blood. This can be a result of injury, disease or any kind of abnormality at the time of the birth. This situation can have major impacts on the brain like nerve damage, bleeding within the brain and requires immediate attention. The stents are placed in order to strengthen the weak or thin part of the blood vessel.