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Increase in demand for Aerosol Packaging

Published Date : August 31, 2017


Aerosol packaging is a fast growing sector in the market. This technique is applied to a multiple number of products. Basically, the products using aerosol packaging can be divided into three segments namely household, personal care and industrial and automotive products.  

Market trends for aerosol packaging

The global market for aerosol packaging is estimated to register a substantial compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the forecast period of 2016-2025. The expanding market for hair sprays has been a market driving factor for this. Today, the customers are choosing the products which would be suitable for their lifestyles and would meet up the expectations. There have emerged a number of vendors which are focusing on fulfilling these requirements by employing new technologies in order to produce advanced products for hair care which include hair styling products supported by pharmaceutical techniques, methods for reducing hair removal, hair sprays used to provide protection against thermal conditions and anti-aging hair sprays. In the industrial and automotive segment, the growing preference of the customers while going for a personal transport vehicle has driven the aerosol packaging market. A large number of these products are brought to the customers in aerosol packages, which has significantly led to the expansion of the market industry for aerosol packaging.

More about aerosol packaging

Aerosol packaging refers to the conversion of the ingredient present within the container to the form of an aerosol. The four primary components involved in producing aerosols include valve, actuator, cap and container. Pressure is applied on the container which stores a solvent, propellant gas and active ingredients. The propellant gas stored in the container is used to exert pressure to the active product and solvent solution which forces up the liquid through the pathway of dip tube to the valve when the cap is removed. This allows the expulsion of the product along with the propellant to the air in paste, foam, powder or droplet form. These containers are available in variety of shapes and volumes which depends on the characteristics of the product and the type of gas used as propellant. In the industrial and automotive segment, aerosol packaging is used to serve long lasting nature to the products along with acting as a protectant against odd conditions like acid rain, ultraviolet rays, high temperatures and various harmful environment factors. Thus, aerosol packaging provides an efficient, safe and cost effective option for customer products which include antiperspirants, shaving cream, hairspray, deodorants, paints and insecticides.


Aerosol packaging is takes care of the requirements involved in delivering quality products to the customers. The effective results of this packaging option have driven its market around the globe.

Crystal Market Research published a report on “Aerosol Packaging Market by Material, Packaging Type and End User - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2025” released and accessible at