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In-depth Information on Video Telemedicine

Published Date : August 29, 2017


Video telemedicine is the application of software in the field of medicine. The increasing number of innovations has led to the development of this field and has brought many techniques into this, video telemedicine being one of them. This technique extends a huge advantage to the professionals in carrying out treatments and consulting their fellow ones. Hence, this option helps the medical professionals ensure that the client receives the best possible treatment, from distant places as well.

Market for video telemedicine

The global market for video telemedicine is expected to increase at a higher compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the forecast period of 2016-2025. The rising demand for this among clients who live in remote areas that are not well accessed with medical facilities has been a market driving factor or this. Adding to this, introduction of a number of mobile technologies in recent years has been very helpful for the professionals in providing healthcare facilities to different locations, lowering the expenditure has also led to the expansion of the market industry for video telemedicine.

Further details about video telemedicine

Video telemedicine has come up as a preferred option in the medical arena which is primarily owed to the advantage it provides to the populations. It proves to be a supportive option for providing medical assistance of good quality directly from the specialized professionals from the top medicine centers to clients at any place. It prevents the professionals and clients residing in extreme remote areas of lower settlement populations from getting isolated. Usage of this technique assists the professionals in receiving additional experience and knowledge during the consultation tenure. They can witness the surgeries and treatments being performed by specialized professionals, thus improving their practical knowledge, from miles of distances. Consultation of video telemedicine to remote are done online using a software for video conferencing. It allows the physician attending the client to directly converse with the specialist, in some cases patients are also allowed. Being a low-cost and immediate procedure, it proves to be advantageous. This technology opens up options for the lecturers to provide practical knowledge in sync with the theoretical concept, themselves remaining at huge distances from the students. Video telemedicine prepares a technology to broadcast live surgical procedures. This is also incorporated to carry out the concept of remote tutorship where a surgeon having more experience than the practising surgeon supervises the whole procedural tenure and co-assists his or her colleague in the real time.


Video telemedicine is yet another result of the research and development works which has brought about a vital impact in medicine. It has been a well-accepted choice around the world, thus driving the global market.

Crystal Market Research published a report on “Video Telemedicine Market by Technology and Application - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2025” released and accessible at