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In Brief about 3D Printing Medical Devices

Published Date : June 13, 2017


With the number of problems constantly increasing in today’s day and time, it is becoming more and more important to understand each patient differently and make sure that their body type is carefully analysed. Which is why, since technology has revolutionized the way medicine has developed, has also helped us with this new notion of ‘3D printing.’

3D printing is basically a printer that can create a 3D image or sculpture, as that is the most suitable description here, for making sure that angles of that sculpture or object are well studied and understood.

Market Analysis of 3D printing medical devices

The global 3D printing medical devices market is anticipated to be nearly USD 9.8 billion by the end of 2025, owing to the increasing number of incidences of osteoarthritis amongst the geriatric population, escalated number of injuries pertaining to dental and cranio-maxillofacial because of rise in the number of accidents and more awareness regarding personal care.The news has focussed on the development of this kind of technology in India. Apart from understanding that this is actually a global market, it also highlights one case where a new born had a hole in his heart and how 3D printing technology actually helped the doctors understand the severity of the situation and follow through. It has definitely proved to be one of the best opportunities for medicine.

What this actually is and how it functions

Simply put, these are devices that are basically used to produce other kinds of devices that act as machines and tools for healing and treating problems and diseases. With the help of sculptures and forming other kinds of figures according to the problems of the patient, it basically helps the doctors understand the anatomy of their patients. For example there is a cardiology issue that has to be treated, and the doctors need to get an in depth idea of the issue. If this is the issue, then doctors make sure that they take a 3D print of the patient’s heart, and through this, the doctor will be able to get a better understanding of the condition of the patient.

Similarly, for other problems, there are different forms of devices that this can actually develop. There are different forms of devices as well, and the most used are definitely the ones that are needed in implants, in stenting of the heart, for bones, for internal and external use and so on.


With the help of technology, doctors have make the success rate of surgeries and operations reach an all-time high because they are able to observe every little detail about the patient’s health through these devices that a 3D printer can create. And lastly, what is crucial is to know that there will be times when this technology will be used for every surgery, and not just specialize in one area.

Crystal Market Research published a report on “3D Printing Medical Devices Market by Component, Technology, Application, and End User - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2025” released and accessible at