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Important Functions of Extremities in Human Body

Published Date : August 22, 2017


Extremities generally refers to the parts of the body entailing arms, forearms, hands, knees, hips, ankle joints and bones of foot, leg and thigh. The parts in the upper limb region are known to be as upper extremities, whilst parts in the lower limb region are known to be as lower extremities. The increasing health related conditions pertaining to the appendage of the body, has consequently flourished the growth rate of this market sector.

Market value and drivers of extremities:

The Global market value of extremities industry is expected to witness high revenue yield growing at a significant Cumulative Average Growth Rate (CAGR) percent, as reported by market analysts. Nerves, veins, arteries, joints, tendons and ligaments are the essential components making up extremities. These components are prone to easy damage, if not protected with adequate amounts of exercise and with growing life style changes, it is quite apparent that people are susceptible to such issues. Consequently, this has driven the growth rate of extremities market. The market essentially focuses on shoulder implants, due to its rampancy.  The various other causal factors leading to extremity injuries include the frequency of amateur players in sports events and the abrupt stumbling of common people. The injuries pertaining to extremities generally include sprains, fractures, dislocations, lacerations and contusions.

Market trend:

Major players:

The major competitors in the market include Johnson and Johnson, Wright Medical Group N.V, Exactech Incorporation and Zimmer Biomet Holding Incorporation.

Regional market analysis:

The market is ponderously dominated by North American region and is due to the technological advancements and the economical surge observed; but also due to the increasing bone related disorders implicating osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.  The U.S region, will witness high growth due to the rise in procedural volume growth, especially in shoulder extremity segment. This is followed by European countries wherein the availability of research based fund from government and non-government agencies in abundance has positively influenced the market’s growth rate. On the other hand, Asian pacific region imposes great potential for growth with economical growth observed in various regions.

Key future trends:

The pervasiveness and preference of minimally destructive or invasive surgical procedures over other forms of operations for the effective treatment of extremities injuries will heavily influence the market growth rate. Furthermore, the increase in bone related disorders and the technological advancements will ponderously boost up the market growth rate. The rising number of obese people and diabetic people are other such contributing factors.


The market will witness growth evidently with the hype created by reverse shoulder implant treatments and low reimbursement pressure; complications post surgical procedures could restrain the growth of this market however.   

Crystal Market Research published a report on “Extremities Market by Product and Biomaterial - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2025” released and accessible at