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Importance of Wound Closures

Published Date : August 23, 2017


Wound closure techniques have been followed since ages to deter the excessive loss of blood and over time, new methodologies have been formulated for effective prevention of blood loss. Advanced wound closure products employ efficient ways in deterring the loss of blood caused due to chronic wounds; and relatively reduces the healing time and expenditure. Hence pervasively, traditional wound closure treatment products have been replaced with advanced wound closure treatment practices. The inception of new techniques has driven the market growth to a great extent. The absorption of blood and other bodily fluids, immediately after the application of wound closure material is quintessential in the prevention of bleeding; this is achieved through the creation of a protective layer.

Market value and drivers of wound closure’s status:

The Global market value of wound closure related clinical practices has grown in the recent years and is expected to grow at a significant Cumulative Average Growth Rate (CAGR) percent, as divulged by various market analysis reports. The market is heavily driven by the frequency of injuries. The demand for combination dressings has been promoted by the, need for substitution of traditional ineffective wound closure procedures. Furthermore, the market is also driven by the growing demand for fast healing techniques and less surgical procedure requiring methodologies.

Market Trend:

Pivotal Players:

The crucial players in the market include Covidien, 3M, Kinetic Concepts, Baxter International, Coloplast, Johnson and Johnson and B. Braun.

Regional market analysis:

Wound closure has been found rampant in the European market and is followed by North American region. The market boost up is essentially due to the technological advancements observed in these regions. The approval of favorable regulations and policies, by Government has boosted the market growth rate as well. The Asian pacific region and Japan impose potential growth for market development in the impending years. The growth of Hemostat, a popular tool has noticeably influenced the overall market growth rate.

Future trend:

Hemostat is one of the wound closure products finding its prominent place in the market of wound closure treatment procedures. The usage of surgical staples for the treatment procedures of wound closure, has found significant space in the market growth as well. The traditionally rampant suture shows no growth whatsoever; but however with no relative decline in the current market status. Factors encompassing irritation, redness of skin and heat inflammation could potentially restrain the market growth rate.


Advanced wound care methodologies entailing gelatin-based sealants, surgical sealants, fibrin sealants, thrombin fleece and human fibrinogen could ponderously influence the growth rate of this market in the impending years.

Crystal Market Research published a report on “Wound Closure Market by Product and Application - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2025” released and accessible at