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How Does Dental Bone Grafting Substitutes help?

Published Date : July 21, 2017


Injuries and fractures have been one of the most common injuries that affects almost every single person across the globe. Almost each and every individual would have undergone a fracture at any point of time and it has been treated. However, some of the injuries that people might suffer can go beyond fractures and turn it into something more serious and intense. In some severe cases, bone grafting can become a very good option for people who have very severe cases of bone injury. Bone grafting is a procedure that involves the replacement of a bone tissue with some other substitute and it is performed only on patients with severe and extremely complicated cases of bone fracture and can pose a very high risk to the health of the patient. This same logic is extended to dental bones as well and dental grafting is used to treat cases with severe complications.

Market for Dental Bone Grafting Substituting:

The market for Dental bone grafting substitutes is huge and is constantly growing. The market is expected to gain lucrative numbersby the end of the year 2025 and has a very high compound annual growth rate as well. Growth rate is the rate at which the industry is expected to grow between two given and fixed periods. The growth rate for the Dental Bone Grafting Substitute market is quite substantial for the forecast period.

The market for dental bone grafting substituting is segmented into four types which are namely xenograft, synthetic bone grafts, allograft and autograft. North America has the largest market share among all the other countries.  The European markets have the second largest market in the world and this is then followed by the Asia Pacific markets. The Asian markets again provide the largest opportunity for the growth of these substitutes especially because of the increasing number of medical professionals in these regions and the large population in these areas.

Transformation of the bone grafting process:

In the earlier days, a process known as autografting was used wherein the bones of one person from one part of the body were used to supplement the place and the bones that it were used to supplement. Today the use of processed bones is the highest in the market and it also prevents any malpractice in the harvesting process.


The dental bone grafting substitute is a very big industry and it is also constantly growing in terms of size and market for innovation. It has been a great boon to all those people who have been victims of gruesome accidents and injuries.