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How does Aerial Work Platform Truck work?

Published Date : January 05, 2018

What is an aerial work platform?

Aerial work platform may refer to a stage that helps people get access to other people or equipment placed at inaccessible heights. There are various kinds of elevating work platform. They call individual types as “scissor lift” or a “cherry picker”. Cherry picker has become the prevalently used term and describes articulated lifts. Aerial devices fulfill various purposes pertaining to construction work, maintenance, and other kinds of emergency work procedures. Hence, they distinguish themselves as temporary aerial devices and isolate themselves from permanent access equipment such as elevators.

Significance of aerial work platforms:

They can lift up to specific weight ranges, which typically does not exceed a ton. However, some of the aerial work platforms possess higher SWL (Safe Working Load) to suit requirements that demand higher load tolerance. Yet, they differ from cranes in various ways. A single person can operate them easily. Aerial devices do look quite similar to cranes as they consist of a number of jointed sections. These aerial devices can perform the extension of lift in a number of directions and the jointed sections preferably control the extending movement of these devices. The applications generally encompass “up and over” types.

Driving mechanism in an aerial work platform:

Application requirements are of foremost importance when it comes to the classification of aerial work platforms and their features alter accordingly.  Drive mechanism differs in different aerial work platforms as they completely control the movement of the platform towards any desired location. Pneumatics or hydraulics powers the drive mechanisms. The mechanism used relies upon the availability of resources and the price quotient of components utilized. Typically, hydraulic pistons powered aerial devices wherein base unit comprised of gasoline or diesel motors that furnished the necessary power.

Significance of cherry pickers:

This type of Aerial Work Platforms (AWP) rampantly finds usage in maintenance sectors and construction of all kinds. This commonly entails the usage in telecommunications and power industries in a way to service overhead lines and in arboriculture wherein dangerous or difficult trees are the main concern as they furnish independent work platforms to resolve that.

Growing demand for Aerial Work Platform Truck:

The growing number of requirements prevalently observed amongst people encompassing water, housing, electricity and other utilities has significantly created the hype for aerial work platform trucks market. The various application sectors entail transport and logistics, government sectors, construction and telecommunication. The most common product varieties in the market include vertical mast lifts, boom lifts, personal portable lifts and scissor lifts.

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