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How do Orthopedic Braces and Supports help?

Published Date : August 22, 2017


Orthopedic braces and supports are gadgets or tools used for the protection of muscles and joints essentially to strengthen them after injury period. Sports players are the predominant users of these devices, as they often end up being succumbed to these injuries. Patient after care and prophylaxis of injuries place these devices as pre-requisites in any sort of hospitalization to rehabilitation period.

Market value and drivers of orthopedic braces and supports:

The Global market value of Orthopedic braces and supports manufacturing industries will be reaching a significant high within few years and is expected to grow at a significant Cumulative Average Growth Rate (CAGR) percent, as reported by market research analysts. The market is ponderously driven by various factors pertaining to the injuries contributing to the damage of health condition of human beings. The injuries implicating post road accident events have increased a lot in the recent years and have significantly influenced the market growth rate as well. Injuries that occur during the course of various sports events, injuries at work places and disorders found predominantly in muscoskeletal region have increased manifold, healthily contributing to the market growth rate.

Market trend:

The major competitors in the market include Ossur HF, Bledsoe Brace Systems, Chase Ergonomics Inc, 3M Healthcare, Otto Block Health care, Deroyal Industries Inc, Cropper Medical and many other efficient players in the market.

Braces and supports’ product trend:  

The brace product varieties for foot and ankle, prevalently available in the market include soft and hinged braces. The braces used for knees could be categorized into four varieties. This includes knee support braces, knee braces for Osteoarthritis, functional knee braces for the treatment of ligament injuries and knee braces used post operational procedures. There are upper extremity braces and braces for spinal orthoses as well. The other varieties of braces include neck braces, shoulder braces, hand and wrist braces and elbow braces. The products’ end users generally encompass orthopedic clinics, hospitals, Over the Counter (OTC) and various other users.

Regional market analysis:

The market is ponderously dominated by North American region and is due to the technological advancements and the economical surge observed; but also due to the increasing bone related disorders. This is followed by European countries wherein the availability of research based fund from government and non-government agencies in abundance has positively influenced the market’s growth rate. On the other hand, Asian pacific region imposes great potential for growth with economical growth observed in various regions.


High risk factors encompassing bone porosity and the increase in amateur sports persons could ponderously boost up the growth rate of this market.

Crystal Market Research published a report on “Orthopedic Braces & Supports Market by Product and End User - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2025” released and accessible at