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How do Clinical chemistry analyzers benefit the global market?

Published Date : July 18, 2017


Clinical chemistry analyzers are used for various test procedures like routine chemistries, specific proteins, lipids, therapeutic drugs, drugs of abuse, antioxidants and diabetes testing. In the recent technological advancement, there have been semi automated and fully automated clinical chemistry analyzers. The new analyzers launched in the market by companies assure the quality and reliability of the test procedures conducted. Also, the combination of all the test procedures in a single platform has created quite the hype. This consequently offers high standard test procedures in a cost efficient atmosphere. Clinical laboratories, hospital laboratories, university and educational institutes, research laboratories, veterinary laboratories and food & wine laboratories are the various categories of laboratories that require the usage of clinical chemistry analyzers. The rate of tests conducted per hour, ease of usage, enhanced patient care, effortless maintenance, cost efficiency and swift result calculation methodologies are the factors that heavily influence the hype of these analyzers.

Market value clinical chemistry analyzers:

The global market value of Clinical chemistry analyzers has seen significant growth in the past few years due to the production of new and reliable performers (analyzers) in the market. According to market analysts, the Cumulative Average Growth Rate (CAGR) percent could increase to a great extent in the next few years. The major market driving factors are the improved facilities for enriched patient care and the growing demand for laboratories with top-notch virtuosity and the need for provision of a fully fledged test experience centre. Diabetes, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis and other regular health check-up procedures are the conditions that require recurrent evaluation. The technological advancement heavily drives the growth rate of this market. The advent of advanced analyzers like StaRRsedInversa Automated ESR analyzer has had huge impact in the market scene. On the other hand, the increased levels of awareness created amongst people regarding personal care and the mandatory necessity for various diagnostic tests to ensure health conditions have highly increased the growth potential of this market. The geriatric population is prone to numerous chronic diseases and hence comes the high demand for regular check up procedures which will consequently drive the market for clinical chemistry analyzers. In-vitro diagnostic tests are conducted more frequently and the need for more test care centers will positively increase the hype.

Market trend:

The market growth curve is of upward fashion, due to various market driving factors; however the result uncertainty rates, lack of trained personnel and high price system could inhibit the growth of this market.


The heavy demand for analysis of various hazardous diseases would definitely boost up the market of clinical chemistry analyzers in the impending years.