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How Digital Therapeutics is changing the face of Medicine!

Published Date : June 12, 2017


In today’s changing times, one simply does not have the time to go out and keep getting themselves checked. Whilst it is important to keep up with health check-ups and making it absolutely sure that all the medication is taken care of, it also becomes important to know that time is a huge constraint when it comes to visiting the doctor all the time.

And so, in order to make life easier, ‘digital health’ is one such notion that has come up in recent times and has definitely made life easier. It not only helps in keeping track of our systems but also helps in understanding what can be done to prevent certain things.

What’s new in the Digital Therapeutics Market

The global digital therapeutics market is anticipated to reach around USD 9 billion by 2025. One factor accountable for the growth of this market industry is the fact that preventative application segment is estimated to flourish at the most rapid rate in the future owing to increasing demand for detection and pre-screening techniques and rising demand for telemedicine.University of Florida Diabetes Institute states that there are more than 1000 android and iOS applications particularly fabricated for monitoring and diagnosing diabetes. As therapeutics is usually considered synonymous to a fully industrialized global market today, Canada recently opened one of the biggest digital therapeutic companies in the world, and it is assumed to touch the sky with its excellent services and technology. The name of this company is Highmark Interactive and this has started to create an important impact on a lot of patients all over the world.

What these are and how they function

The importance of ‘online’ therapy is definitely something that was seen expanding in the past few decades, ever since the internet was established. Once this grew, the world of digitization has drastically moved to newer options of not only treating mental health, but also making sure that precautions can be taken for physical health.

There are options for therapy online, and sometimes there are forums where this is also done for free. There are doctors all over the world that provide services through the internet and have different ways of making their money. The internet has really helped therapeutics and has made a difference all over, for different kinds of people. As far as the physical therapy is concerned, it is understood that most of these doctors were able to privacy medical assistance through the internet, again. They mention all the medicines and types of ointments and medication that can be used to heal the physical pain caused.

Therapeutics is an industry in itself that has sky rocketed when it comes to how fast, cheap and better this is. It also is very convenient. And therefore, becomes the fastest growing industry in the world and this makes it very important for all the patients.

Crystal Market Research published a report on “Digital Therapeutics Market by Application and End User - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2025” released and accessible at