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Growing Demand for Adhesives and Sealants on a Global Level

Published Date : August 22, 2017

The application of adhesives and sealants is familiar to all of us as we use them in day-to-day lives for a wide range of activities. Adhesive is substance that is used on a surface of two different items in order to bind them together and avert separation, while sealants are substances that are utilized for blocking fluids through an opening surface. Adhesives can be used correspondently with substances such as paste, cement or glue. The utilization of adhesive renders a wide range of benefits in thermal bonding, sewing or mechanical fastening. Since the olden times, these sealants and adhesives have been of great use to us. In the new era, adhesives and sealants gained more importance for being efficient in fields of packaging, automotive and construction. In the olden times these substances were derived from beeswax, tar, plants and tree sap, are presently made from chemical-based and artificial elements.

Adhesives and sealants are both made of identical elements as well as used for similar kind of purposes. Presently, a wide range business exists that produce and sell adhesives and sealants, as their applications in numerous field has increased on a large scale. Adhesive and sealants are derived from the same kind of raw materials and render identical functions, nonetheless there are few factors that make them differ from each other. Sealants slightly differ from adhesives as it contains the ability to link two surfaces by creating protective layer. The consistency of sealants is thick and slimy which averts air, dust or liquid to pass through it. The production of sealants contain great amount of elasticity in comparison to adhesives and are extremely flexible.

Adhesives, on the other hand are an element that is capable of holding two surfaces together in lasting and strong way. Adhesion normally works with the three theories of absorption, electrical and diffusion. Raw materials that are natural and synthetic like polymeric materials are used in the preparation of adhesives. Wide ranges of adhesive forms are utilized such as hot-melts, powders, water-based, solvent-based and films. Adhesives offer an extremely strong bonding in applications. Various important parts of adhesives are a binder which is generally a polymer. It is the substance that binds the surfaces together, proving to the most imperative part of adhesion as it affects the performance given by the adhesive.

The similar functions that adhesives and sealants provide are:

  • They carry and distribute the load among the segments and fill the gaps.
  • They are mostly in the form of liquid so that is it is easy to apply over the surfaces that need to be attached.
  • They must be adaptable and suitable to work with various elements to provide a durable product.

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