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General information about Portable Homecare Oxygen Concentrators

Published Date : August 16, 2017

Portable homecare oxygen concentrators are devices used in the medical field for supplying oxygen to the clients of respiratory problems. These provide pure oxygen to the user. There are other oxygen concentrators too in the market but portable homecare oxygen concentrators have several advantages over those concentrators which make this device a well-accepted product among the clients and medical professionals.

Market trends for portable homecare oxygen concentrators

The global market for portable homecare oxygen concentrators is estimated to project a substantial compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the forecast period of 2016-2026. Increase in the awareness and spread of knowledge regarding devices providing oxygen therapies among populations has been the market driving factor for this. The recent times havewitnessed growth in the expenditure for medical facilities which have driven the need for developments in order to introduce more beneficial products in the market and these, in turn have led to the expansion of the market industry for portable homecare oxygen concentrators.

Further details regarding portable homecare oxygen concentrators

Portable homecare oxygen concentrators have extended support to the customers in providing oxygen for coping up with respiratory diseases. These have lessened the need and stress for visiting hospitals and other medical organizations for receiving assistance of oxygen supply by bringing these options to the homes. These devices function by separating oxygen and nitrogen from the environmental air. After this the separated nitrogen is discarded, thus being capable of providing oxygen to the clients, which is as pure as 95 percent, via a mask. Since these concentrators come in compact sizes as compared to the other available concentrators, it makes these products easy to be carried. Their portability makes them a preferred option for clients, allowing them to live regular routines along with the support. This advantage makes them usable in case of travellers and mountaineers to survive in areas having inadequate oxygen supply. Today, the medical sector deals with increased number of clients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary problems. This is primarily owed to the increasing harmfulness of the surroundings as a result of pollution and the addictive habitual factors. With each passing day, the knowledge for medical health is spreading across the world. This has led to the growth of awareness among populations to fight against various health issues, respiratory section being one of them. Due to reception of positive results, the urge for bringing in new technologies has affected this sector in a positive way.


Portable homecare oxygen concentrators have been successful in providing expected results to the customers. The advantageous nature of these devices make them a good option for the users.

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