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General Information About Filling Equipment

Published Date : August 23, 2017

Filling Equipment is a machine which is applied in the packaging of different products, primarily in case of beverages and food items. The container which is required to fill the product can take the shape of bag or bottle which depends on the filled material. These equipments generally find applications in the manufacturing industry in promoting efficiency and quality of the processes involved in manufacturing. The products which use these equipments include cereals, sugar and fresh milk. These equipments are implemented in filling up the plastic bags, cartons and bottles with absolutely correct amount of these products which are pre-designated in each case.

Market trends for filling equipment

The global market for filling equipment is estimated to witness a substantial compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the forecast period of 2013-2019. Development and introduction of new technologies, growing demand of options for packing food products and the changes which are coming into the lifestyle of customers have been the market driving factors for this. The rising necessity for technologies which would reduce the human labor, thus speeding up the processes of packaging has added to the expansion of the market industry for filling equipment.

More information regarding filling equipment

Filling equipment is an important part of the bottling process since it is a regular component of the assembly line system. The process of bottling involves equipments going through stages to fill, label and pack the materials. These machines have installed systems for bottle conveying in them. This system helps in the transportation of bottles in order to move through various procedures. The incorporated bottle conveyer holds up the bottles securely in order to maintain their alignment corresponding to the filling equipment. There are various types of filling equipments available which find extensive usage in the packaging industry. Paste filling equipment, liquid filling equipment, granular filling equipment and powder filling equipment are the most common types applied in producing goods. Liquid filling equipment is implemented in forming products with liquid base, for example alcoholic beverages, carbonated drink, oil, perfume, shampoo, etc. It carries advantages such as convenience of usage and ease to be held. It also serves to be suitable to fill products which are based on sticky paste due to its ability of feeding hopper. Amongst other types, powder filling equipment forms the most popular choice due to its perfect appearance and unique way of performing. It is applicable in producing cosmetics, ointment, sauces, honey and various paste products.


Filling equipment has come up as an effective option in the packaging industry. Due to added benefits such as perfection of work and reduced labor, it has gained popularity, hence driving its market.

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