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Explanation to Drug discovery technologies

Published Date : July 18, 2017


The fortuitous discovery of chemicals in order to be employed in many industries, has been pondered an essential part of finding cure or remedy in various fields of medicine, biotechnology and pharmacology. The procedure is generally carried out by finding the perfect replacement of active ingredients being employed in the traditional remedial medicines. Drug discovery technologies come into the scenario, with the rarity of the previously used active ingredient that could individually influence the whole drug. This type of identification of the active substance as a part of initiation for drug discovery is generally referred to as forward pharmacology or classical Pharmacology. High-throughput screening (HTS) is the process followed wherein copious chemicals are tested in order to replace the target drug and is prevalent in the present market scenario.

Market value drug discovery technologies:

The global market value of Drug discovery technologies has seen exceptional growth rate due to the pervasiveness of various detrimental diseases and the efforts taken by numerous health care organizations worldwide to suppress them. Market analysts have stated the apparent growing demand for this industry in their reports. As per the reports, the Cumulative Average Growth Rate (CAGR) percent is said to reportedly increase manifold in the upcoming years. The inception of new issues pertaining to health care and the predominant lethal diseases has heavily influenced the hype of the drug discovery market scene. The traditional drug discovery through recognition of active ingredient has been replaced by new technological advancements that crucially include proteomics (two hybrid systems, 2DGE, activity and isotope encoding based assays), mass spectrometry, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) techniques, micro plate readers, chemotherapy, micro fluidics, DNA and protein microarrays, gel electrophoresis, nucleic acid and protein isolation, and nanotechnology including atomic force microscopy, RANi (siRNA, miRNA, ddRNAi, and short hairpin RNAs), nano mass spectroscopy, and dip pen nanolithography. However, High-throughput screening (HTS) is the most prevalent in the drug discovery technologies market. Multi detector readers, imaging hardware and software and automated design structures will influence the hype of HTS technology systems in the upcoming years. The reliability and quick assessment of essential molecular compounds for replacement of predominant active ingredients, has been found to be very effective in various ways.

Market trend:

Highly rampant diseases like cancer, CVD and CNS disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s have provided bounteous opportunities for the drug discovery technology systems to explore more in the pharmaceutical industry. The growth of drug discovery industry heavily influences the overall growth of pharmaceutical industry; however the accuracy of apt drug discovery is still a constraint.


The growth curve of the global drug discovery market is of upward fashion and could turn out very profit yielding in the impending years.