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Electric nose is an invention that helps in detecting odor and fragrances

Published Date : October 17, 2018

Electric nose is an invention that helps in detecting odor and fragrances

What is an electric nose?

Electric nose is an invention that helps in detecting odor and fragrances. The process of identifying any type of smell is very similar to the human stages of smelling and sensing any smell. An electric can also be helpful in differentiating between two really similar smells and store the data that will be useful in any other future needs of smell recognition. This device has been under the study since several years to make it better and efficient than human nose and now the final device is capable of much and can be used for industrial purposes effectively. The market researches have proved that electric nose are gaining demand due to their versatility and large scope uses. 

How does an electric nose work?

An Electric nose carries out the process of olfaction which is the human process of smelling and recognizing smell with much more speed and efficiency. An electric nose consists of three major parts- the delivering system, the detection system and the computing system. The delivering system is responsible for inhaling or taking in the smelled air or fragrance and transferring it to the detection system. Detection system is responsible for recognition of the smell into various categories with the help of various sensors that are inserted in the electrical nose. At last the computing system stores the information about the inhaled smell for any further use. 

What are the uses of electric nose?

  • Production- electric nose are widely used in the industrial sector during the production process. It can be useful for maintaining raw materials, comparison and management of the manufacturing procedures, it also scales up the monitoring and tracking of the work carried out and maintains the hygiene level.
  • Laboratories- electric nose has become an important device of the labs that deals with chemicals as it can smell and prevent a large amount of accidents. It keeps a check on the chemical combination process. It is also necessary to keep track of the temperature within the lab.

Environment- environmental issues were also a major reason for invention of the electric nose. Electric nose is widely capable of monitoring the levels of population taking place. It can easily identify the polluting or the contaminating components of the water, air as well as soil. Electric nose can be a contributing factor to a healthy environment in future.