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EHS: A boon to medical industry

Published Date : June 15, 2017

EHS or Electronic Health Record is one of the latest inventions contributed to the health care and medical industry by the advancing technology. This is the first step for the health care and medical industry to move from paper records to electronic records. This in a way makes the information of the concerned patients more efficient, effective and accurate. Moreover Electronic Health Records help in accessing the clinical records of the patients in an easier way.

Market Analysis

The global market of Electronic Health Record systems are consistently rising at an alarming rate with time.The market industry of EHS began just from 20.8% worldwide use and acceptability and now to everyone's astonishment is touching skies by reaching as high as 82.8% as stated by the statistics, which is truly remarkable. The market driving factors for such an immense growth of the global market of Electronic Health Record systems are the all-in-one functions exhibited by them with complete ease, efficiency and accuracy. This in a way is assisting in modernising the health care trends all over the world.Just like every coin has two faces, this immensely useful and helping invention has another face too.Lately an esteemed Electronic Health Records making company has been alleged to supply defective systems risking the patients’ health records and reports and is thereby punished with a compensation of $155M for the same.

Functions, uses and benefits of Electronic Health Records

The functions, uses and benefits of the Electronic Health Records can be summarised as below:

•    It enables the patients to sign in easily to access all their records.
•    It also enables the authorised users of such reports including doctors, researchers, etc. to get access to the medical reports efficiently.
•    It gives information about patient's billing and claims processing as well.
•    It helps in making the information available to it's users instantly and securely.
•    It assists in accessing the patient's medical history.
•    It exhibits information relating to patient's treatment and diagnosis too.
•    All the laboratory tests and their results are made available altogether with the help of this as well.
•    The prescribed medications as per the records of the particular patients are also mentioned about in detail via Electronic Health Record system.
•    A patient's allergies and the respective immunisation dates are also taken into account.
•    It enables the accessibility to information faster and efficient.
•    It reduces the risk of errors by minimising the manual work.
•    It reduces costs of paperwork.
•    It sets reminders for patient visits and appointments.


Putting it all together it won't be wrong in any way to say that if chosen wisely a perfect suiting Electronic Health Record System will surely prove out to be advantageous in long run. Taking into account time, money, ease and accuracy associated with the same it is no less than a boon for medical and healthcare industry.

Crystal Market Research published a report on “Electronic Health Records Market by Type - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2025” released and accessible at