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Drug Device Combination and its Advantage

Published Date : August 18, 2017

Drug device combination also referred to as combination product is a product that includes a medical device and drug or biologic. The drug-eluting stent is one of the best examples of drug device combination, which is a drug coated with scaffold and is used for preventing scar tissue growth in artery. However, the drug-eluting stent is a basic example of drug device combination, the ultimate example of the drug device combination is what is being is noticed in biomedical nanotechnology and tissue engineering which is also termed regenerative medicine.

Numerous people have a very restricted view about the drug device combination. More combination products are still being developed by the day and include many things more than just medical devices biologics and drugs. These inventions include cosmetics, food, nutraceuticals and various types of technologies.

Combining two or more than two of different categories is known as drug device combination or combination product. A drug-drug combination is not known as a combination product or drug device combination even though it has become extensively common in the pharmaceutical industry to combine multiple drugs in the same pill. These are referred to as combination therapies. A device-device combination is also not known as a combination product. To make an accrual combination product there should be a biologic and a device, a drug and a device, a biologic and a drug or all the three of them together.

Advantage of combination product

Studies suggest that one third of the medical products that are being developed today are drug device combination and this is a rapid growth for the medical device market. Drug device combination products are becoming prominent because they not only prevent the damage or disease they also reverse and erase it which is known to be one of the biggest advantages of drug device combination. For example, if a patient has had a heart attack, a section of their heart dies. In such cases a drug-eluting stent can be placed.  

Clinical Strategy

The clinical strategy sets up detracting milestones for the development of devices. These milestones remain constant through the process of when products that are commercially equivalent should be accessible and the verification of design testing should be completed. It is important that the team of the development of device understand the milestones of drug development to make sure that suitable and sufficient resources are given and to identify if the device will perform efficiently. To develop a successful product it is important to understand the needs of the stakeholder, business and the user.

Crystal Market Research published a report on “Drug Device Combination Market by Product - Global Industry Analysis and Forecast to 2025” released and accessible at