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Different Types of ENT Devices

Published Date : June 15, 2017


ENT devices are used by Otorhinolaryngologists also known as ENT surgeons where ENT stands for ear, nose and throat. ENT surgeons use ENT devices to treat various medical conditions concerning hearing disorders or smell and taste problems, problems that affect a patient’s voice, breathing and swallowing disorders, also the head and neck tumours and interface with the brain problems. Everyone from a newborn baby to an elderly person can have such a problem concerning ENT. Generally these surgeons do not need to do a surgery but they are able to perform wide range of operations on the patient.

Market for ENT Devices

The market driving factors for the global market for ENT devices are increase in volume of geriatric population and minimally invasive ENT procedures made possible by technological advancements. The global market for ENT Devices was evaluated atUSD 10.2Billion in 2015 and is expected to reach USD 14 Billionin 2020 rising at a CAGR of 6.5% during the next few years. Aging is a critical factor in hearing loss and will fuel the market growth.

North America dominates the market because of 20% of the population over age of 60 suffering from hearing disorders. Demand of ENT devices will rise in Asia Pacific region also withthe increase in government initiatives to promote ENT devices.

Different types of ENT Devices

•    Chiron lamp: It is used as a source of light.
•    Katz extractor: It is used for the removal of a foreign substance from nose.
•    Seigle’s pneumatic speculum: It is used to open the ear canal and improve the visibility by magnification.
•    Waugh's long dissecting forceps: For removing Tonsils and swabbing the blood.
•    Citelli's punch forceps: For creating holes in the bone.
•    Bronchoscope: It is a hollow tube which the surgeon can use to see inside the respiratory tract.
•    Aurul Syringe: To remove air wax.
•    Boyle Davis mouth gag: Keeps the mouth open and keeps the tongue out of way, generally used in the removal of tonsils, operation of pharynx, etc.
•    Negus' ligature slipper: Used to tie sutures.
•    Rose's sinus washing canula: Used for cleaning the sinus.
•    Electric drill: Used in bone drilling.
•    Myringotome: Used to cut the ear drum.
•    Tracheostomy tube: Used to bypass the airway.
•    Tracheal dilator: Used in tracheostomy.

Various Surgeries performed by ENT Devices

•    Tonsillectomy: Removal of tonsils.
•    Septoplasty: For removing obstacles from nasal septum.
•    Microlaryngoscopy: For the examination of larynx.
•    Oesophagoscopy: For the observation of disorders of food pipe, a long tube is inserted into it.
•    tympanomastoid surgery: For the removal of cholesteatoma from the ear.

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